Can you see me?

Yesterday while reading one of my new favorite blogs, House of Turquoise, I got to thinking.  If someone came into my home and was asked to describe me, what would they say?  Would they even come close?  Probably not.  Don’t get me wrong, my house isn’t completely void of me.  You can see touches here and there.  The pink Kitchen Aide, Hello Kitty coffee maker, the rugs in the front entry, and some bright flower prints in the bathroom.  Not too much else though.  The couch was picked because it was practical for kids.  I was sad to see my funky over sized coach go, yes it was white, I was planning on recovering it.  The prints?  Well they go with the couch.  Somehow my interior looks like the woods.  Hmm, who likes the woods?  Oh yeah, Ryan.  I wonder what he would say if I ever decorated the house to my liking.  I made a comment when Katie was doing her LTLYM challenge.  She gave me a magazine and asked me to make a collage of my desires.  Everything was bright.  Nothing is bright in here.  I had always dreamed of a sunny kitchen with quirky accents.  A living room that was funky and comfortable.  A bedroom that was a retreat and housed my many books and a reading area.  A bathroom that was bright and cheerful.  I don’t feel a sense of pride when it comes to my house and you can tell.  Things are just thrown here and there.  Most days I just look around and feel exasperated.

I think I’m going to redo the bathroom and see how it goes.  If I had my way, my house would look similar to this:

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  1. Okay. We need to redo your bathroom. We need much brighter colors. And it will be really easy, and quite possibly pretty cheap! So I’m thinking some night this week (since I will be living in the harbor again) we should head out to Target and peek around. See what they have to offer. I bet if you do the bathroom in awesome, that Ryan will be more receptive to your ideas re: the rest of the house.

    I also think we should do something with the sewing room…. Anyway.

  2. Thank God Ryan dosen’t let you decorate… Tha picture give me a headache

  3. I’m with you there, I find it really frustrating some days. I rather like the pic you posted, so you’re not alone there 🙂

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