Right now, someone is heimliching a noodle.

Last night I did an experiment on my family.  I made a lentil and bulgar mix to resemble ground beef.  Then I added it to the spaghetti sauce and they ate with abandon.  Even Kaleb who I swear, lives on air, commented on how good it was.  Although he refused to eat the noodles.  In case you are wondering you CAN eat around noodles.  Who knew.  Later when I was telling Katie, we had this conversation.

M: I made sauce with that lentil bulgar mix I was telling you about.

K: So you made Faux meat?

M: Huh, I guess I did!

K: you KNOW what you made right?!?

M:…lol… FEET!

K: Spaghetti with feetballs!

Oh yes folks, that’s how WE roll.  Later, since she hasn’t been feeling well, I made her some vanilla cupcakes.  When I say she hasn’t been feeling well, I mean she has cold sores all down her throat.  Or you know, herpes.  LOL.  If I had a little more time I would have made them a little nicer, but I digress.

Yes, you CAN make a cake or cupcakes for any occasion.  What?  You want to be my friend?

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  1. ROFL!!!! That is frickin’ HILARIOUS, Laini! OMG! I think I pee’d a little while laughing. Did she get Valtrex to treat the throat herpes?

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