A conversation with Kaleb

Recently Kaleb has started wearing what he calls “worker clothes”  This will usually consist of a polo or collared shirt(buttoned all the way up and tucked in), khaki or black pants, a belt, and a recently discovered tie.  He walks around the house announcing to anyone who will listen that he is going to work to pay the monies.  OK then…Tonight I asked him where he works.

M: So where do you work?

K: Oh in Bellevue

M: What do you do in Bellevue?

K: I talk on the phone and pay the monies.

M: Right, but what do you do for work?

K: *sigh* I’m a WORKER!

K: *Pats me on the leg* ok mommy, I’m going to work now.  You have a BIG day ok?

M: OK buddy.

His outfit of choice tonight reminds me of something…

Oh yes, that’s right, our local McDonalds manager.  LOL.  Bless his heart…

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  1. That’s awesome! So cute, he will have to learn to separate work from home though if he wants to have a balanced lifestyle!

  2. Lol, he doesn’t even look like a manager. It’s the regular workers like Chris who wear the red shirts.

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