Sometimes I wish that I would just pay the extra money to have HBO so I could watch Big Love.  I have had it on my que for over a year now.  I’m too impatient!  Ok that is all, useless blog post…

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  1. Um… move it to the top of your queue, a-hole.

    • Um season 3 is still playing a-hole! Sheets! Lol.

  2. Or have Jerry get it for you. A-hole.

    Also, WordPress just told me to slow down because I am posting comments too quickly.

    F you, wordpress. Who do you think you are?

  3. stop calling each other a hole… aholes

  4. Listen, a-hole. Jerry can still get it for you. Sheets.

    • Everyone needs to chill the eff out! I’m all caught up now. Sheets. I’m resourceful…

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