Why I love Stumble Upon!

Aside from the obvious reason(the one where it’s totally addicting) is that for some reason a stumble will always lead me to something even better.  For instance.  I just hit my stumble button and it took me to Craftster.  Which I love and am a member off, but off to the side something caught my attention.  It was a little flashing banner for RENT.  I looked closer and it read: Celebrate the end of an Era!  Filmed live on Broadway!!!  I love RENT so I click on the banner.  The site starts playing No day but Today.  Awesome.  I scroll down to see how much this dvd is and something catches my eye AGAIN. In very small print it read:

Don’t miss RENT: The Broadway Tour, featuring original Broadway cast members
ADAM PASCAL and ANTHONY RAPP coming to a city near you!

The cast also includes final Broadway cast members Gwen Stewart, Justin Johnston, Michael McElroy, and Telly Leung, who can
also be seen in the RENT: FILMED LIVED ON BROADWAY DVD. For tickets and more information, visit www.siteforrent.com.

HOLY FLIP!  So I call Katie,  obviously, and leave her a message which was something like:  “OMG…Stumble…RENT with Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal…OMG call me back…June..K call me!”

Oh I’m so excited.  I could pee.  Except I won’t  AHH!

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  1. Don’t lie.. I see that puddle on the floor. 😉

  2. Now I need to get my stumble upon tool bar back!
    But go to my blog and see what I tagged you to do! 😉

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