You might be a Coast Guard Spouse…

Someone sent this to me and it made me smile.  Although that part of my life is long over, it still rings true.

You might be
a Coast Guard Spouse if……..

You remember
milestones by location, not year…..

Your kitchen
is a galley…..

conversations start with, “when we lived in…”….

You have
friends scattered from
….Alaska…. to ..Puerto Rico..…..

northern and southern accents blend together so no matter where you live,
people say, “You’re not from here are you?”….

Your 3 year
old looks at you and says, “I don’t like this anymore. Can we move?”….

children believe that Santa Claus comes by boat or helicopter-not by sleigh…..

You’re the
only spouse in the neighborhood who always mows the lawn…..

You know
your spouse’s social security number better than your own…..

You have
more books in boxes than on the bookshelves…..

Your spouse
has been home for a while and is getting on your nerves. You look at your watch
and say, “isn’t it time for you to get underway again?”….

Your ironing
board has at least four stickers from different moving companies on it…..

driver’s license is from
….Maine…., your license plates are from ….Florida…. and you’re living in ….Texas….…..

You have no
problem moving every few years with three kids, a great dane, two hamsters, and
two rabbits in a minivan…..

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