Photo Tag!

The Rules:
Go to the pictures folder on your computer
Choose your 6th file
Choose your 6th picture
Tell us about it
Tag 6 more people

I was tagged by Tanya.  I have to cheat a little, since I have yet to transfer all my photos over to this new computer.  LOng story short, I HATE Vista.  I was giving it a chance, but it is a major FAIL.  So I went to the 6th picture in the 6th row of pictures that I do have on here!


Oh goodness I miss babywearing!  This was taken while we were waiting for Ryan’s carpool to arrive.  I would say this was at the peak of my natural parenting.  I say peak because at that time we were breastfeeding, cloth diapering,  delayed vaxxing, baby wearing and still co-sleeping.  NOW: Lilli weaned shortly after her second birthday, is still cloth diapered but we are potty training(she’s STUBBORN), she has since grown out of her sling, is still on the same vaxxing schedule and has moved into her own room.  Time flys!

I tag: Katie, Jesi and whoever else reads my blog and wants to play along!

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  1. Awww, cute! You need to get ssc or a wrap; I still wear Freddy! 🙂
    You should give vista another chance! I hated it at forst too, now I am so used to it, I don’t like anything else!

    • We had an Ergo and both Lilli and I hated it. She hated being wrapped from about 9months on. I never could ruck her properly once she started resisting.

      Vista=Suck. LOL I hate it and it’s going away. I got blue screened my second day of having the computer AND programs are constantly fighting with each other. LAME!

  2. I will work on this one as well tonight when I get home, LOL! I still have XP on our PC in the computer room but it’s on it’s last leg and I found a killer deal on a laptop through Dell that will be like $650 after all discounts applied and I think we’re just going to put away the PC after we transfer everything to the laptop and find the necessary stuff for the docking station for a laptop when it’s on the desk so it connects to the monitor. 🙂

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