Quick Update

I have a TON of letter pictures that I need to post, but I had to wipe my computer.  I got a lovely virus from a site that I frequent called Diaperswappers.  I have anti-virus software and well as FF with Adblock.  The owner, Lee Dodd, has repeatedly said that the members are getting viruses because and I quote “a. Many of the mothers here at DS know very little about PC’s, protecting them, and how to avoid the sneaky attacks. To these members I say: please do not automatically assume that DS is the cause of every problem.”  RIGHT.  I’ll admit that I don’t know as much as say, Jerry, but I am NOT stupid.  He also recommended getting free software which SURPRISE is the one that I use!  Lets recap: I am a silly mom who knows NOTHING about computers, uses the SAME software that the owner says to use, use FF WITH Adblock, visit his site first thing in the morning, then later that day am stripping my computer.  Hmmm.  What a tool.

Well my computer has been stripped and thankfully I know someone who can do this for free.  I can’t even begin to imagine the other mom’s out there that had to go through the process of finding someone, PAYING someone and potentially loosing precious files.

I will be reloading pictures on my computer, editing them AGAIN and posting when I get a chance.

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  1. Nooo Laini! There’s no virus, there’s just our stupidity!!! He is such an ass!!!
    I’ve gotten some sh** on my computer that I had to spend a bunch of time cleaning out, I just don’t know why I keep going back… I need to find a different place to sell diapers… *sigh*

    • Come over to Cloth Diaper Nation or The Babywearer use me as a refrence! I love both of those sites a lot more. I was on there looking at a tutorial to make something.

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