Alphabet Photo Challenge

A is for Advocacy.  I got these Breastfeeding stickers at the Green Festival last year and it’s a subject that is near and dear to my heart.

B is for Bokeh.  Shaped Bokeh is like crack!  I have yet to try out different shapes.

C is for Cherry Cake.  This is my mom’s specialty.  It is Black Forrest German Chocolate cake.  It’s a staple at birthday parties in our family.  This one was from Oma’s 96th(early) birthday.

D is for Disaster.  Oh man, this had it’s own blog.  Kaleb cut Lilli’s hair.

E is for Eyes.  I love my eyes!  It’s really hard to take a picture of myself using my camera, but then again I freakisly long arms.  Lol.

F is for Five.  Happy 5th birthday Kaleb!  He actually had two parties this year and this was from yesterday with my family.

G is for Gentleman. I don’t how it started, but Kaleb loves dressing in suits.  Reminds me of Alex P. Keaton.  He got a briefcase this year too.

H is for Hello Kitty.  This is the charm I have on my cell phone!  I love her 🙂

I is for Indigo.  The kids were coloring and look what caught my eye.

J is for Jelly Bellies.  I saw this ad in a magazine and it’s so neat!  The jelly beans are embossed.

K is for Kaleb and Kylie.  This is what happens when you tell Kaleb to smile….also looks can be deceiving…

L is for Lime.  These were some of the flowers that were left over from Mom 2’s cake!

M is for Mmmmm.  My Mom 3 brought these for me from a chocolate company in Seattle.  I love that they are organic and fair trade.  The flavor choices look kinda weird though, but how freaking cool is the wrapping!

N is for Nap.  He rarely naps anymore, but the poor kid was fighting a fever for days!

O is for Oma.  This is my Oma!  She turned 96 this year.

P is for Precious.  My Lilli, being precious for a split second before she ran off screaming at the top of her lungs like a banshee.

Q is for Quiet.  This is my Quiet Corner in my room.  I scored the chair and ottoman for free on Craigslist!  I bought the pillow at Ikea and it’s not in the picture, but I got a very cute round table for tea.

R is for Ryan.  Ryan being calm and compliant.  I normally get the goofiest pictures when I turn the camera on him.

S is for Sweet.  Lilli was crying about something and Kaleb reached over and held her hand.  Sometime they are so sweet to each other…sometimes…

T is for Toes.  I love taking pictures of my feet.  I am weird, but there are other out there like me.  Just visit Gypsy Feet!

U is for U.  Duh!  Pretty self explanatory, it’s funny though since we only have a handful of these letters on the fridge.  This one was on the side all by it’s lonesome.

V is for Volcano.  This is the volcano cake that my mother in law and I made for Kaleb’s party down there.  He specifically requested it and I think it came out geat!  That is dry ice on the top.

W is for Welcome.  Welcome to the family Karma.  She is a really great dog and a wonderful addition to our family.  The kids love her!

X is for X.  This was a pretty difficult letter for me.  I had no clue what I was going to do and I laughed when I noticed that there were x’s all around my fireplace!

Y is for Yellow.  This is all the yellow fabric that I have fro projects.  The lemon fabric will be either a skirt or a sundress, I’m not sure yet.

Z is for Ziplock.  I NEVER have these in my house.  We made the transistion to wrap mats and reusable baggies, but I had to buy some for Kaleb’s pre school class.

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