Hopefully maybe.

Hopefully, maybe, soonish, I will be moving this blog to it’s own domain.  How neat is that?  It does involve a LOT of things I don’t understand, but am trying to learn and I’m thankful that I have some one to walk me through it.  I’m excited to get a template that suits me better as well.

My laptop sadly hit the floor which completely fried the hard drive.  SO we are waiting for the new one to arrive and as least Jerry was able to recover lost files.  Always back up your stuff people.  I kept putting it off and the panic that sets in is awful.  Plus for me, since I really don’t have that much knowledge with the things, I FREAK the frack out.  So to all who got my panicked “OMG, my computer!!!!!” SORRY.  I appreciate it even though I KNOW I was getting eye rolls 😉

In other non technical news, My birthday weekend was a blast.  Thursday we had a family party, Friday with Katie.  I am bummed that my purse tipped over in the movie theater and I lost all 3 of my Starbucks gift cards.  SO lame.  On Saturday we headed up to Seattle for dinner with mom 3.  We walked around Pike Place and had lunch under the Space Needle, then headed up to her salon so she could trim my hair.  She ran out of time so she wasn’t able to color it, but that’s ok.  We ate and headed over to her house and watched Iron Man.  Awesome movie, why we didn’t watch it sooner, I don’t know.  I also didn’t realize that I was shooting in RAW the whole day and when I got home I couldn’t look at any of my pictures.  I checked EVERY other setting but that one.

Off to clean!

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Last night we drove two hours to Everett to see The Wiggles.  This is our 3rd year going and the kids had a blast.  Everyone LOVED Lilli’s dress and Murray(He’s the Red Wiggle) even had me hold her up at one point to show it off.  Very proud mommy moment for me!  Lilli kept hugging me all night and telling me that she loved me, then dancing and singing along.  Kaleb even went up towards the stage to dance.

I WOULD show off pictures, but sadly someone tried to take my camera away from me.  The event staff at the Everett Events Centre?  Complete jerks.  Their reasoning for me NOT being able to have my camera?  It has a detachable lens, which may be used as a weapon.  Did every one just laugh?  I did, because really it was funny until I realized they were serious.  You think I am going to detach my $300 lens and throw it at The Wiggles?!?  HOW DARE YOU NOT SING WIGGLY PARTY!  I got a good elbow in as hands were reaching toward my camera.  I asked to speak to supervisors and everyone shook their head and said “They will tell you the same thing” or “They are unavailable” or my favorite “We don’t really have one” mmhmm.  Then it dawned on me as I’m looking around at the crowd of sippy cup totting toddlers.  Exactly how much do these things weigh?  The answer:


A FULL sippy cup:


Hmm.  $300 lens OR a $4 sippy cup?  Tough one.  Clearly if you want to injure someone, one usually reaches for the heavier object.  Just a thought.  Not to mention, the Everett Events Centere WAS allowing them to sell merchandise which included The Big Red Car on a STICK.  Which if used properly could be used to blugeon one of The Wiggly Dancers OR the asshat event security guy who “Doesn’t make the rules” and “I don’t know it’s my first day”  First day of what?  Being on a power trip and being an asshole?  Way to go you successfully ensured the saftey of all The Wiggles from a detachable lens throwing crazed mom.  Good for you, make sure you pat yourself on the back for that one.  You really deserve it.

BY THE WAY, here is your camera policy:

Cameras and Recording Devices

As a general rule, cameras and recording devices of any kind are not permitted inside the Comcast Arena at Everett. This is subject to change on an event by event basis. If by chance, a patron brings a camera or recording device to an event, the patron will be asked to return that item to his or her vehicle. The Comcast Arena at Everett cannot hold any personal property belonging to a guest.

Nowhere is it noted that you are not allowed to have a detachable lens camera.  According to this statement on their website NO cameras are allowed, yet EVERY ONE had one and they all got to take their pictures.  Better take everyone’s cell phone away as well.  Those can take pictures too.  The Wiggles HIGHLY encourage picture taking and say so in the beginning of every show.  I wonder what THEY would think about this…

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Cloudy Days

We have had a few cloudy/cold days this past week and it has just drained me of my energy for some reason!  So yesterday, I decided to paint my toes an obnoxious shade of pink and take pictures.  As soon as they dried it started to drizzle, but I got my picture anyway!


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My head is full of stuck songs!

First, The Salteens I’m So Happy!  LOVE this song and it seems that you can only find it by watching Yo Gabba Gabba lol and now this one!  Fortunatley, I can find this one!

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Happy 4th of July!

Lilli refuses to wear pants or shorts anymore, so I HAD to make her a 4th of July dress!  I got this fabric on super clearance at Walmart, before they closed down their fabric department.  Ugh, that still makes me mad by the way.  Any who!  Here’s what I came up with!  Have I mentioned that I LOVE the snaps for her dresses?  Makes life so much easier.

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