I finally figured out my serger.  I figured it was about time, since I’ve had it for…a year…Turns out I wasn’t threading it in the right order and it likes to have the tension reset when I change thread colors.  Not a big deal, but I am saving for a new Brother one, that most WAHMs have.  Problem solving will be a little easier I would think.  I figured since I had the machine in working order I should finally serge a diaper.  Guess what?  SO much easier!  I’m hooked.  Here’s the diaper, I’m so proud of it 🙂


I big puffy heart LOVE this diaper and can’t wait to get pictures of Morgan modeling it!  I also made her a few extras in hopes of swaying her parents to cloth.


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One day you will..

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Just two songs.

It’s been kinda crazy around here, but as usual, music gets me through.  Two that stick out the most:

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It got HOT!

Too hot for me and I like the heat.  Trust me I did my fair share of complaining too.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if our AC hadn’t stopped working.  Of course we found out right before Rachel was coming down.  Poor thing, but we got lots of fans and Jill let us borrow her AC unit which helped a lot.  I didn’t get a picture when the temperature reached 105 on Wednesday, but this show how hot it did get in my house.

f378adaded18__1249287752000Crappy phone pic, but I think my phone was sweating too…

Rachel and I tried to stay cool, by driving around, but you eventually need to get out of the car.  Plus with two 3 year olds, it gets a bit interesting.  It has finally cooled off and I was able to sew her up some burp cloths and go through what she still needs.  She was also nice enough to trace and cut out diapers for me, with the promise of coming down some more to help out some.  It made me realize that I may need to hire a babysitter at least once a week so I can work uninterrupted.

I am also excited that I get to make a camera cake for a wedding this weekend!  Although it’s a model that I don’t have, but at least I am able to look up pictures and I had done the basic shape on the practice cake.

Off to finish up some sewing and then off to get my computer fixed up….

Also, this looks amazing and I can’t wait to see it!

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