I got a chance yesterday to do a little Christmas shopping with my sister yesterday. We went to the Sper Mall and I found more stuff for ME than anyone else. Typical. WELL the highlight of the trip was that they opened a Steve and Barry’s there! I am in LOVE. Remember what Old Navy was like when they first opened? Low prices. Yup, that’s Steve and Barry’s. I got my FIL a great Jeep shirt from the kids for Christmas. I also got a t-shirt for my self from Sarah Jessica Parkers new line Bitten. It says “Have you hugged a rain drop today?” SUPER cute, and I love that her sizing is true to size. I would have gotten a few more of her shirts, but they were out of my size. SO sad.

Ryan hopefully won’t be working this weekend, and we will go again. If not, I will go back with my sister. They have a GREAT Santa, and I would love to get the kid’s pictures done.

I have also been approved for my Payperpost account, so you will notice some advertising going on! I love that I will be able to make a little extra “fun” cash for myself. Most likely to be spent on the kids. So I hope you don’t mind seeing those now and again.

I have been crafting again, but I can’t get pictures, since my camera cord went MIA. Ryan said he thought he put it on the counter, but we have looked high and low for it. I’m sure one of the kids is playing hide and seek with it.

Well off to “work” a bit.

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PayPerPost is pretty much the best thing ever! I get to blog about different products, companies, websites AND get PAID for it! I love blogging, so this will be a great opportunity to make a little extra money. The money will most likely get used up on my wool obsession, but at least I won’t have to explain all the new packages that keep arriving on our doorstep. I am pretty new to it all, but it’s very user friendly, and there a lots of people to meet and talk to. I found out about it when I was visiting one of my cloth diapering forums. I am SO glad I clicked on the link. I’m actually surprised that I hadn’t heard about this sooner. It was easy to sign up for. The hardest thing was the wait while my blog was being approved. Silly huh? I MAY even spend some on Christmas. I have checked out a few of the sponsors and have gotten some really great ideas. Plus now that Amber finally had her baby and I won’t be working for my sister, it will be nice to have a little “fun” money. I can’t wait to get started, and check out all these new websites and sponsors!

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