Happy New Year!

First post of 2008 AND my 50th post! Very exciting indeed. Last year was a great year, and I KNOW that this year will be just as exciting. Last year we had some great events as well as not so great ones, but that is to be expected. I made a Wiggles cake for Kaleb’s 3rd birthday, Lilli’s first birthday, Ryan being at the shipyard for a year, I got to see Rachel, AND of course I got my Coach bag. I brought in the New Year with a kiss and a huge smile on my face.

The count down begins for when Ryan leaves on his tdy trip to HI. Part of me wants to hold on to him and tell him not to go, but I know this is a great opportunity for him and our family. The thought of being all alone for 4 whole months is daunting, but we will manage.

Hmmm I noticed that I never did a post about Christmas. Silly me! I will have to get pictures later, since I was a dummy and left it at my mom’s last night. We spent Christmas eve at my mom’s and she bought me a Hello Kitty cd player! Super cute, and much needed for the sewing room. My sister got me a pink iPod! I had to laugh and was a little embarrassed. She had gotten it WAY back in July and has had it sitting on her counter since then. I have seen it about 84,000 times. She had said that she got it free with something and was going to sell it. I agreed that it was a great idea and had gone on to tell her that I just LOVE the green ones and that if I were to get one it would be green. I guess not! It’s super cute and I love and have already spoiled it with a new case and the iTrip. My cousin got me some mugs to my Christmas dish set! Doug(my other cousin) got me this YUMMY soy candle! Ryan and I spent most of the night putting together some of the kid’s toys.

Christmas morning the kids were so excited all their new toys. We had gotten Kaleb a wooden fire station and he ran to that and started playing with that first. Lilli ran over to her new rocking chair before she spotted her new baby and cradle. It was a great MIC free Christmas! Ryan got me this beautiful heart necklace, some jammies, robe, and some cd’s and Burt’s Bees for my stocking.

We headed over to my Aunts for Christmas day, and she got me a WHOLE place setting to my dishes! My Uncle got me and Ryan this HUGE metal fruit bowl, it’s so cool. My cousin Tricia got the kids gift certificates to Build a Bear, and I can’t wait to take them in to get them.

THEN the next morning we headed down to Ryan’s parents for another session of present opening. The kids got some more great things. Kaleb got his Lucky Duck game and Lilli got an awesome wooden doll stroller. I got a book that I wanted AND a picture that I had been eyeballing at Target for FOREVER. She bought it up here when she was visiting while I was a the store with her! We stayed down there for a bit, and headed home on the 30th.

We were planning on having New Years eve here at the house, and needed to get back to pick up a little. My birth mom was planning on cooking and it was SO yummy. LOVE her food. She got my first Coach purse a baby sister that I am in love with! I really got spoiled this year.

Like I said I will get pictures of everything up as soon as I retrieve my camera. PHEW this was a long post!

So to recap…HAPPY NEW YEAR! Check back for some exciting news AND pictures!

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Merry Christmas!

Well it is finally upon us. Christmas is HERE! So I just wanted to pop in and say Merry Christmas! So… MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. I will be back after the New Year. Though I haven’t been around as much as of late, but I had lots of presents to attend too. I will be a little elf this evening as well, getting those last couple of things put together.

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It’s officially the Christmas season! How do I know? Because they put up the yard stick nativity. I was so excited to see it up early this year. Last year they didn’t put it up until really late in December, and I got worried that they weren’t going to put it up at all! I know most of you don’t live in the area and are scratching your head going, what is this crazy girl going on about! This. This is what sparks the start of the Christmas season in my eyes!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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I got a chance yesterday to do a little Christmas shopping with my sister yesterday. We went to the Sper Mall and I found more stuff for ME than anyone else. Typical. WELL the highlight of the trip was that they opened a Steve and Barry’s there! I am in LOVE. Remember what Old Navy was like when they first opened? Low prices. Yup, that’s Steve and Barry’s. I got my FIL a great Jeep shirt from the kids for Christmas. I also got a t-shirt for my self from Sarah Jessica Parkers new line Bitten. It says “Have you hugged a rain drop today?” SUPER cute, and I love that her sizing is true to size. I would have gotten a few more of her shirts, but they were out of my size. SO sad.

Ryan hopefully won’t be working this weekend, and we will go again. If not, I will go back with my sister. They have a GREAT Santa, and I would love to get the kid’s pictures done.

I have also been approved for my Payperpost account, so you will notice some advertising going on! I love that I will be able to make a little extra “fun” cash for myself. Most likely to be spent on the kids. So I hope you don’t mind seeing those now and again.

I have been crafting again, but I can’t get pictures, since my camera cord went MIA. Ryan said he thought he put it on the counter, but we have looked high and low for it. I’m sure one of the kids is playing hide and seek with it.

Well off to “work” a bit.

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Ho, Ho, Ho?

As in already? I drove past the first Christmas tree stand, and I had to do a double take. That was fast. Target already has all there Christmas stuff up! I’m actually really excited. last year, Ryan was just starting out at his job so things were a little tight. This year, since I am temping for my sister, I have already made all my Christmas money! STOKED! I can’t wait to go shopping. I am still working on what I would like to get everyone.

Poor Lilli has croup. I broke out the nebulizer, and so far she hasn’t gotten that horrible cough. She just sounds weezy. She needed a new humidifier and i couldn’t find the one at Walmart. So I went to good old Target! I was torn between the Hello Kitty with the night light and the one I originally came in to buy. In the end, Hello Kitty lost out to the built in air purifier.

Anna had her pony party today. Kaleb had a BLAST. He even rode one. I asked him if he wanted to have a pony party too, but he is still stuck on his Seattle party. I still don’t know what I am going to do for it though. Plus the cake needs to be designed.

I have also been busy crafting. I decided to switch Lilli over to cloth wipes since her last ped appt. All those awful diaper rashes from the sposies left some damage that I had never thought could happen. Anyway all cloth for her. I got some really cute ones off of HC, and have been making some of my own. I am thinking about making some mama pads for me. I have some yummy fleece and scraps of flannel left over from some diapers. Pictures to follow when I finish.

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I got asked out!

By my husband! Ryan called from work this afternoon and asked me out on a date. What a nut. Of course I said yes. So it’s dinner and movie for us on Saturday.

Starting tomorrow Ryan will be on 12 our shifts. He will start work at 6pm and end at 6 am. So on Friday Lilli and I are going to the library for baby play time, so that the house will be quiet. I am excited to meet some local mom’s in the area. I hadn’t had time since moving back home. What took me so long? Next week Kaleb and I are going to story and playtime. I am hoping that he will meet a little friend. He doesn’t adapt to change very well and I’m sure it will take a couple of trips for him to really enjoy it. Who knows he may surprise me.

I finished all of our Christmas list and emailed them off. I hope that everyone will be accepting of our lifestyle changes. All of the toys are made out of natural products, and most important are NOT from China! I really had a great time browsing all the selections out there. Ryan is excited, because for once there are not going to be ANY annoying toys on Christmas morning. I had said when we first had Kaleb that I really didn’t want any noisy toys, but somehow, no matter how many times I stated this fact, our house is full of them. It’s noisy too. Getting back to basics. Simple. Imagination. Creativity. That’s what’s coming for Christmas.

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Well, September is here! I don’t know many people who get so excited about it. I have always loved this time of the year. I loved the back to school hype. I loved buying sweaters, who am I kidding…I still do! This month my mom has her birthday. I am so excited about the present I am going to make for her. I am borrowing the idea from Tiana, who borrowed it from another mom on DS. I am also going to use the same idea for Ryan’s parent’s Christmas presents! I will promise to post pictures when I’m done. I am also excited because later this month, there is going to be a HUGE children’s sale in Bellevue. Hopefully I can get someone to go with me. Kaleb just shot up this summer. His feet grew a size and a half! He also grew about an inch and a half, so all of his pants look like capris. Boys can wear those right? I didn’t think so either.

We are also going to try and go to Idaho at the end of this month or the beginning of October. I am super excited about the drive over there, and to get to see Rachel and Liam again! I love road trips. I wish Lilli did too. I think it will be a great time to travel, since the leaves will be turning. The trees in my back and side yard are already turning. Fall is coming!

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