I was tagged!

I was tagged on Myspace, but I blog here, so here it goes! Oh and it was post random things about your self. I have been really bad at explaining myself lately.

1. I am addicted to WAHM wares. WAHM= work at home mom. It doesn’t help that there is a whole site for just that! So here’s a fun plug for Hyena Cart! I love trying the new soaps, plus it helps that many WAHM make cloth diapers. I am enjoying not relying on mainstream products.

2. I LOVE my cloth pads. I am so glad that I made the switch. Best. Choice. Ever. My kid wears cloth and I do too! I got mine off of a Hyena cart congo, but when I went to look for the link, it looks like she’s not part of that congo anymore. I hope I find her somewhere else, because I really wanted to order more:( Here is a picture of MY current stash.Photobucket Pretty right? WAY comfy too. On a side not, I cam across this site that is trying to send cloth pads to girls in Africa. I love it! Help out too! Goods 4 Girls.

3. Although I am trying to quit the mainstream I am hopelessly addicted to Target. In my defense I am a super clearance shopper. Does that help me out at all? Thought not. So this is probably a good place to plug this:) The Story of Stuff Ah reduce, reuse, recycle!

4. I always want to purge stuff and can never seem to get it under control. When I get home, I have a strong urge to Freecycle everything! There is still stuff in boxes, and I *think* I have come to gripes with the fact that I am never going to be a size 6 again. I’m ok with it really. I just need the stuff out of my house.

5. Everytime I *think* I am getting this parenting thing under control, it throws me for a loop. Not a whole lot to say on that subject I suppose.

6. I LOVE my online friends. I’m excited that a few are close to me and we get to meet up. Here’s to people you have things in common with. Love you Hookers! LOL.

7. This isn’t that random, but I am SO addicted to my new camera it’s not even funny. I left the room for about 15 minutes yesterday and took 80 pictures. I was excited that I found Tanya’s gecko. So thank you again, Ryan! I love you too!

That wraps that up! I tag Tanya!

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WOOHOO! Just a tad bit excited. Over what you may ask? WELL, it seems that I will be able to get my camera before Ryan gets back home. I am SO excited. Being without a camera sucks. Funny how dependent on something you can get. So pretty coon, I will be able to to picture tutorials for you guys as well. So that is all for the super quick update, and I am off to watch the WCW auction going on. Wish me luck!

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Happy New Year!

First post of 2008 AND my 50th post! Very exciting indeed. Last year was a great year, and I KNOW that this year will be just as exciting. Last year we had some great events as well as not so great ones, but that is to be expected. I made a Wiggles cake for Kaleb’s 3rd birthday, Lilli’s first birthday, Ryan being at the shipyard for a year, I got to see Rachel, AND of course I got my Coach bag. I brought in the New Year with a kiss and a huge smile on my face.

The count down begins for when Ryan leaves on his tdy trip to HI. Part of me wants to hold on to him and tell him not to go, but I know this is a great opportunity for him and our family. The thought of being all alone for 4 whole months is daunting, but we will manage.

Hmmm I noticed that I never did a post about Christmas. Silly me! I will have to get pictures later, since I was a dummy and left it at my mom’s last night. We spent Christmas eve at my mom’s and she bought me a Hello Kitty cd player! Super cute, and much needed for the sewing room. My sister got me a pink iPod! I had to laugh and was a little embarrassed. She had gotten it WAY back in July and has had it sitting on her counter since then. I have seen it about 84,000 times. She had said that she got it free with something and was going to sell it. I agreed that it was a great idea and had gone on to tell her that I just LOVE the green ones and that if I were to get one it would be green. I guess not! It’s super cute and I love and have already spoiled it with a new case and the iTrip. My cousin got me some mugs to my Christmas dish set! Doug(my other cousin) got me this YUMMY soy candle! Ryan and I spent most of the night putting together some of the kid’s toys.

Christmas morning the kids were so excited all their new toys. We had gotten Kaleb a wooden fire station and he ran to that and started playing with that first. Lilli ran over to her new rocking chair before she spotted her new baby and cradle. It was a great MIC free Christmas! Ryan got me this beautiful heart necklace, some jammies, robe, and some cd’s and Burt’s Bees for my stocking.

We headed over to my Aunts for Christmas day, and she got me a WHOLE place setting to my dishes! My Uncle got me and Ryan this HUGE metal fruit bowl, it’s so cool. My cousin Tricia got the kids gift certificates to Build a Bear, and I can’t wait to take them in to get them.

THEN the next morning we headed down to Ryan’s parents for another session of present opening. The kids got some more great things. Kaleb got his Lucky Duck game and Lilli got an awesome wooden doll stroller. I got a book that I wanted AND a picture that I had been eyeballing at Target for FOREVER. She bought it up here when she was visiting while I was a the store with her! We stayed down there for a bit, and headed home on the 30th.

We were planning on having New Years eve here at the house, and needed to get back to pick up a little. My birth mom was planning on cooking and it was SO yummy. LOVE her food. She got my first Coach purse a baby sister that I am in love with! I really got spoiled this year.

Like I said I will get pictures of everything up as soon as I retrieve my camera. PHEW this was a long post!

So to recap…HAPPY NEW YEAR! Check back for some exciting news AND pictures!

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ANNND we’re off!

Well almost anyway. We have finally decided on a name for our Hyena Cart! I have size labels coming my way, as well as some poly mailers. I have a few testers that are being send out today, and I just realized that we will need some business cards. Whew! Things for the most part are falling into place. I am still working on some other things to stock as well, and perfecting patterns. It’s all very exciting!

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