Busy, busy. That’s what I have been. I got back home on Monday night, but due to the time change we have been all out of whack. We have been getting to bed earlier, but still late at the same time. Great news is Lilli has been sleeping through the night in HER bed!

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my toe. Thankfully I hadn’t broken it. I did dislocate it and pulled the tendion to almost snapping. The doctor said that is why I feel like something is between my toes. Gross I know.

TODAY is Kaleb’s 4th birthday! I have a four year old, scary. We are going to see the Wiggles and tomorrow we are going up in the Space Needle! He is fully potty trained now and even makes it through the night. He got to pick out all new undies and I was honestly surprised that he has very boring taste. LOL. I got Lilli two packs of Hello Kitty undies, even though she hasn’t started training. They were too cute to pass up.

We are going to have Kaleb’s actual birthday party next week. I had originally planned on this Sunday, but Easter snuck up on me. So next Saturday will be his Space Needle party. I will be spending the week transforming the dining room into a city scape. I think I will blow a picture up of him up in the needle and put it in one of those frames that people can sign.

Well my coffee is almost gone, so I will bid farewell to you guys for now! I’ll probably update with LOTS of pictures from the concert!


An Update and a Preview

So I really have been meaning to update, and I was hoping that I would have a little more time while I was here. Not so much. Been pretty busy, but I guess that was to expected.

I am going to try and sit down this afternoon and do a nice long blog all about cloth diapers. I have had a lot of people email me with questions and I thought it would be great for them to have one place to go back to with links and some handy tips.

I have also gotten a lot of pm’s and comments regarding the blinkies I have up on my Myspace and forum signatures. SO I gathered them and have been uploading them, and will have a nice long post for you guys to snag them.

Let see, OH, Ryan is getting his new tattoo today as well, and I will try and get some pictures. He’s really excited about starting his sleeve, and has been looking for things left and right. I think the things he has come up with are great! All of them have a really special meaning. I’m sad though, because I was supposed to bring the kid’s foot prints, but I had a lot of things going on and…yeah. He’s been really excited looking for ideas for my next one as well. We have had some luck, but I think it’s going to come down to having someone draw it out for me. He’s also been pushing for me to get my nosed pierced. Wierdo. LOL. I love him.

Lets see what else? OH! Look for a post for March For Babies. It’s almost that time of year again, and I’m looking to try and surpass my goal this year.

I think that is all for the time being. Hopefully I can back this afternoon.

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I never really intended to take a blogging break, but every time I started to sit down nothing seemed very important. I don’t really want to go into too much detail since I’m not at a place where I feel like sharing. I am going to update on a whole slew of other things though.

Ryan left for HI on the 14th and we have been missing him like crazy. It seems to have affected Lilli the hardest. She had a mini baby breakdown last night, that pretty much broke my heart. We were over at my mom’s and she was playing when all of a sudden she stopped and looked around. The next second she just burst into tears and started doing that silent freak out cry. I ran over to her to make sure she wasn’t hurt, when she let out the most pitiful “I want my DAADDDDDY”. I called him and handed her the phone, but she threw it down and cried some more. Poor baby :(. We are going to visit him though! I’m so excited. Kaleb…not so much. I mentioned that we were going to see daddy, and I immediatly saw the fear in his eyes. When I asked him waht was wrong, he said he didn’t want to go in an airplane. They go too fast! They get broken. So last night he tells me “you and baby go see daddy, I stay here with Mum and Madison” I would feel so sad to leave him behind, but if I buy a ticket and he has a mental breakdown, I don’t know what I will do. Or if he will react with an eating strike like he did the last time we forced him to do something he didn’t want to. Sigh.

Although Ryan is staying in a condo, it has a coin operate laundry. Which means that the cloth needs to stay behimd. Both mine and Lilli’s. Whomp. That also means that I need to find sposies that won’t make Lilli break out in a rash. I will be fine, I know what I can use. The last time I bought sposies for Lilli was over 8 months ago! The STRESS! How do sposies work anyway? LOL.

I have also been selling a lot of custom orders lately! Yay! I like that I’m getting my name out there. I am working on a great custom for Issy and I am getting so excited on how it is turning out. I would take a picture, BUT my darling Lilli killed my camera. She broke my screen so I can’t tell what I am taking a picture of until I upload it. Urgh. I plan on just getting a cheapy one since I am getting my Canon Rebel when Ryan gets back. EEEEE!

Selling the customs has helped me to fund my Ergo, Beco, or Yamo carrier. NOW if I can just get someone to sell one to me. The first day of looking, I lost out on 8. 8! I am still waiting to hear back from a lady on DS about her Beco which is lime swirls. So me! I am getting a little discouraged that I now have enough to buy a new Ergo, but can’t bring myself to do it. Ryan says just go for it, since I sold things to get and not using any of our funds. Plus he’s excited about getting a carrier that he can use as well. He is brave enough to use the sling around the house, but not in public. Plus even if if I did buy it new, the next baby can use it as well.

Way OT, but I just saw the preview for the new Bring it On tonight! STOKED!

Anyway my sister and I are going to go to Target tonight to see what kind of cheap cameras they have there and buy Lilli some sandals. I found a box of clothes from last year and a large majority still fit. My poor stumpy kid. I did put a pair of pants on her today that were too short in the inseam, so I think there is some hope.

I need to stop since I just looked up and see that Lilli is now smashing Cheerios into little bits.

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Ho, Ho, Ho?

As in already? I drove past the first Christmas tree stand, and I had to do a double take. That was fast. Target already has all there Christmas stuff up! I’m actually really excited. last year, Ryan was just starting out at his job so things were a little tight. This year, since I am temping for my sister, I have already made all my Christmas money! STOKED! I can’t wait to go shopping. I am still working on what I would like to get everyone.

Poor Lilli has croup. I broke out the nebulizer, and so far she hasn’t gotten that horrible cough. She just sounds weezy. She needed a new humidifier and i couldn’t find the one at Walmart. So I went to good old Target! I was torn between the Hello Kitty with the night light and the one I originally came in to buy. In the end, Hello Kitty lost out to the built in air purifier.

Anna had her pony party today. Kaleb had a BLAST. He even rode one. I asked him if he wanted to have a pony party too, but he is still stuck on his Seattle party. I still don’t know what I am going to do for it though. Plus the cake needs to be designed.

I have also been busy crafting. I decided to switch Lilli over to cloth wipes since her last ped appt. All those awful diaper rashes from the sposies left some damage that I had never thought could happen. Anyway all cloth for her. I got some really cute ones off of HC, and have been making some of my own. I am thinking about making some mama pads for me. I have some yummy fleece and scraps of flannel left over from some diapers. Pictures to follow when I finish.

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So I have been going through all the closets and just getting rid of what we don’t use anymore. It’s a little difficult, because I would have really liked to have a garage sale. I feel that it is just too late in the year to do one. I have so many of the kid’s clothes, my clothes, and Ryan clothes that I would love to sell to bet some new stuff. For some weird reason I am having a really hard time letting go of Lilli’s clothes. I had no problem with Kaleb’s clothes, but I just feel that I need to hang on to hers. Maybe a sign of things to come? Tomorrow the purging and cleaning will continue. I have located the box that holds all my fall decorations, but I have told myself that nothing can go up until it’s clean in here. I miss Nantucket for the simple fact that when we fist lived there we had nothing. Nothing is easier to clean. Five years of marriage, three moves, and two kids later I feel that we are swimming in useless crap. I wish there was a consignment shop around here for big peoples clothes and household items. Another thing that I miss about Nantucket. The Take It Or Leave it is another. I liked the fact that I could take something there and someone who really needed it could get it.

Fall is here. Summer is no more. All the summer stuff is getting packed away to be dealt with next year. Winter clothes have been pulled out. Sweaters are being aired. Fleece jammies are being worn now, and we had to turn the heat on. Kaleb has gotten a new winter coat and Lilli got snow boots.

Halloween is just around the corner! I am so excited. We found the kid’s costumes so early this year which was a blessing. I bought their trick or treat bags last weekend. They are nice and big so we hopefully can get a big haul. Ryan’s mom will be coming up the weekend before with a truck load of pumpkins. That will be so fun for the kids. Lilli will love making a mess in the pumpkin guts.

Anyone have any ideas on what to do with books? I have so many, and would love to sell some, but don’t want to deal with Ebay and fees. Craigslist is a hassle too. Are there places that buy them? Hmm Half Price Books… I wonder how that works. I’ll call today.

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Well, September is here! I don’t know many people who get so excited about it. I have always loved this time of the year. I loved the back to school hype. I loved buying sweaters, who am I kidding…I still do! This month my mom has her birthday. I am so excited about the present I am going to make for her. I am borrowing the idea from Tiana, who borrowed it from another mom on DS. I am also going to use the same idea for Ryan’s parent’s Christmas presents! I will promise to post pictures when I’m done. I am also excited because later this month, there is going to be a HUGE children’s sale in Bellevue. Hopefully I can get someone to go with me. Kaleb just shot up this summer. His feet grew a size and a half! He also grew about an inch and a half, so all of his pants look like capris. Boys can wear those right? I didn’t think so either.

We are also going to try and go to Idaho at the end of this month or the beginning of October. I am super excited about the drive over there, and to get to see Rachel and Liam again! I love road trips. I wish Lilli did too. I think it will be a great time to travel, since the leaves will be turning. The trees in my back and side yard are already turning. Fall is coming!

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Then and Now

As bad as this sounds, the best part of the trip was the drive back. Like I mentioned in my previous post we drove back the long way. We took 101 up the coast, and weren’t stuck behind too many rv’s! Ryan and decided to stop at our favorite lookout point at Cape Perpetua. We used to go up there all the time when we were dating, and haven’t really been back since we had kids. We have a picture of the two of us about a month before Ryan proposed. Now we have one as a family! See!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Not the greatest pictures, but I love the history behind them.

Our trip was pretty uneventful. We arrived on the 29’th and had a BBQ in honor of Ryan’s dad’s birthday. Yummy chicken! The next day his aunt came over and we played with the newest member of the family, Allison. She is such a little sweetie, and at 5 months out weighs Lilli. Kaleb fell in love with her, and she could not stop laughing at him. Saturday we got the kid’s pictures taken. I felt a little bad that I had never had Lilli’s pictures taken professionally. I am excited to get them back! Saturday night we had another HUGE BBQ with the whole family. That was a lot of fun. Then on Sunday Ryan and his dad went Tuna fishing, while I took advantage of Oregon’s no sales tax! I got Lilli 3 great shirts that can be worn with her diapers. Did I mention they were on sale for a dollar each! I was so excited. I also stopped by their Dollar Tree, and found some more knee socks to turn into baby legs for her. I also got her a little tutu that she just loves and wears all the time. Ryan’s dad gave Kaleb a little fishing jig and he has been carrying around the entire time. He calls it Jake, which is his take on jig I think.

I am happy to be home, where I can wash my diapers correctly. I felt bad about using the washing machine, so they didn’t get rinsed as well as they normally would. I think I am going to strip them, especially the microfiber inserts. Even after drying in the sun, they had a funny smell to them. Nothing a little boiling won’t cure! Well I am off to do all the laundry and start with the stripping process. I will leave you with this lovely picture of diapers in the sun!
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Love Waldorf!

We are trying to cut back on the amount of plastic toys that we have in the house. Recent studies show that certain plastics can leach out chemicals that are just NO good for little ones. The biggest offender are the kiddo’s plastic sippy cups. The chemicals leach out when you wash them in warm water or put warm liquid in them! That just really hurts my heart. So we are switching over to stainless steel cups, and finding some new toys! I love Waldorf toys. They have the CUTEST toys! For example, a little baby on a waterlily!

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An adorable wood stacking flower.

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SUSHI! How fantastic is that?

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We are hoping to get a wooden kitchen set for the kids, since they love to get into my drawers while I’m cooking. I just love that there is an alternative to all the plastic that we are surrounded with!

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