Busy, busy. That’s what I have been. I got back home on Monday night, but due to the time change we have been all out of whack. We have been getting to bed earlier, but still late at the same time. Great news is Lilli has been sleeping through the night in HER bed!

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my toe. Thankfully I hadn’t broken it. I did dislocate it and pulled the tendion to almost snapping. The doctor said that is why I feel like something is between my toes. Gross I know.

TODAY is Kaleb’s 4th birthday! I have a four year old, scary. We are going to see the Wiggles and tomorrow we are going up in the Space Needle! He is fully potty trained now and even makes it through the night. He got to pick out all new undies and I was honestly surprised that he has very boring taste. LOL. I got Lilli two packs of Hello Kitty undies, even though she hasn’t started training. They were too cute to pass up.

We are going to have Kaleb’s actual birthday party next week. I had originally planned on this Sunday, but Easter snuck up on me. So next Saturday will be his Space Needle party. I will be spending the week transforming the dining room into a city scape. I think I will blow a picture up of him up in the needle and put it in one of those frames that people can sign.

Well my coffee is almost gone, so I will bid farewell to you guys for now! I’ll probably update with LOTS of pictures from the concert!


OK! Ready to spill :)

So my wonderful husband, as depicted here jumping into the clean pile of laundry,
got me a present! He’s weird and just likes jumping into clean laundry. I find it easier to just go along with things and not ask too many questions. ON a side note you can KIND of see his new tattoo. Super hot. Whoa just heard someone say get on with the spilling already!

WELL… He got me a brand new Canon Rebel XTI DSRL!!!!!!!!! Sexiest camera, EVER! I am so in love with it, and the pictures are just amazing. Breath taking. One of my favorite subjects is my kiddos. I can’t wait until I get home and capture Kaleb’s first trip up to the top of the Space Needle, Easter and the Wiggles concert.

LOL. That last one is so true. Lilli has fallen in love with them, which is convenient since we have ALL the stuff from Kaleb. Perfect timing. This is her second concert, but she can actually walk and dance now. It will be so much fun.

Meanwhile, here are two more pictures until then! First is Miss Lilli at the beach.

Just some beach toys, but I think it came out cute!

I love my husband!

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What’s the deal!

I swear once I get something in the suitcase I find it dragged out about 2 minutes later. No joke. My head is killing me. I feel like I have gotten a lot done, but I look around and it seems all undone. I finished the Jam. It’s cooled, packaged and ready to ship off tomorrow. I got my sweater at Target today AND Valentines. I almost forgot about those. I also picked up some fruit snacks for the plane ride and some of those Gerber Puffs. Lilli ended up eating those in the store though. Sigh. At least she sat still in the basket. I still forgot to get deodorant though. I have no brain. Lilli ate my brain.

I’m sure this will all be worth in on Tuesday. I hope.

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I never really intended to take a blogging break, but every time I started to sit down nothing seemed very important. I don’t really want to go into too much detail since I’m not at a place where I feel like sharing. I am going to update on a whole slew of other things though.

Ryan left for HI on the 14th and we have been missing him like crazy. It seems to have affected Lilli the hardest. She had a mini baby breakdown last night, that pretty much broke my heart. We were over at my mom’s and she was playing when all of a sudden she stopped and looked around. The next second she just burst into tears and started doing that silent freak out cry. I ran over to her to make sure she wasn’t hurt, when she let out the most pitiful “I want my DAADDDDDY”. I called him and handed her the phone, but she threw it down and cried some more. Poor baby :(. We are going to visit him though! I’m so excited. Kaleb…not so much. I mentioned that we were going to see daddy, and I immediatly saw the fear in his eyes. When I asked him waht was wrong, he said he didn’t want to go in an airplane. They go too fast! They get broken. So last night he tells me “you and baby go see daddy, I stay here with Mum and Madison” I would feel so sad to leave him behind, but if I buy a ticket and he has a mental breakdown, I don’t know what I will do. Or if he will react with an eating strike like he did the last time we forced him to do something he didn’t want to. Sigh.

Although Ryan is staying in a condo, it has a coin operate laundry. Which means that the cloth needs to stay behimd. Both mine and Lilli’s. Whomp. That also means that I need to find sposies that won’t make Lilli break out in a rash. I will be fine, I know what I can use. The last time I bought sposies for Lilli was over 8 months ago! The STRESS! How do sposies work anyway? LOL.

I have also been selling a lot of custom orders lately! Yay! I like that I’m getting my name out there. I am working on a great custom for Issy and I am getting so excited on how it is turning out. I would take a picture, BUT my darling Lilli killed my camera. She broke my screen so I can’t tell what I am taking a picture of until I upload it. Urgh. I plan on just getting a cheapy one since I am getting my Canon Rebel when Ryan gets back. EEEEE!

Selling the customs has helped me to fund my Ergo, Beco, or Yamo carrier. NOW if I can just get someone to sell one to me. The first day of looking, I lost out on 8. 8! I am still waiting to hear back from a lady on DS about her Beco which is lime swirls. So me! I am getting a little discouraged that I now have enough to buy a new Ergo, but can’t bring myself to do it. Ryan says just go for it, since I sold things to get and not using any of our funds. Plus he’s excited about getting a carrier that he can use as well. He is brave enough to use the sling around the house, but not in public. Plus even if if I did buy it new, the next baby can use it as well.

Way OT, but I just saw the preview for the new Bring it On tonight! STOKED!

Anyway my sister and I are going to go to Target tonight to see what kind of cheap cameras they have there and buy Lilli some sandals. I found a box of clothes from last year and a large majority still fit. My poor stumpy kid. I did put a pair of pants on her today that were too short in the inseam, so I think there is some hope.

I need to stop since I just looked up and see that Lilli is now smashing Cheerios into little bits.

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I have been looking for a new diaper pattern and found a really great one! I hate making my own patterns, and wasting fabric trying to get it just right. I found this one and it’s for a fitted one size diaper that you are supposed to be able to use from small to toddler. We still have to fold it down a bit, so I have a feeling that we will be able to use this one for a while. Plus I love the fact that you can stuff it with whatever you want! I want to try and get some organic velour and make a SUPER yummy one! Here’s the link to the pattern:

Here is how they turned out. The jungle baby one I made a little smaller through the crotch, but it’s a little hard to stuff, so I made the purple owl one wider. I also used different elastic in them, and I like the knit one a lot better. Much easier to work with. Anywho here they are in all their one-size glory!

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Oh and just for the heck of it here’s Lilli modeling her dip dyed Llamajamas! I am in LURVE with these, and she never wants to take them off. Yes, those are post its on her head. Yes, I know she’s a weirdo.

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I got asked out!

By my husband! Ryan called from work this afternoon and asked me out on a date. What a nut. Of course I said yes. So it’s dinner and movie for us on Saturday.

Starting tomorrow Ryan will be on 12 our shifts. He will start work at 6pm and end at 6 am. So on Friday Lilli and I are going to the library for baby play time, so that the house will be quiet. I am excited to meet some local mom’s in the area. I hadn’t had time since moving back home. What took me so long? Next week Kaleb and I are going to story and playtime. I am hoping that he will meet a little friend. He doesn’t adapt to change very well and I’m sure it will take a couple of trips for him to really enjoy it. Who knows he may surprise me.

I finished all of our Christmas list and emailed them off. I hope that everyone will be accepting of our lifestyle changes. All of the toys are made out of natural products, and most important are NOT from China! I really had a great time browsing all the selections out there. Ryan is excited, because for once there are not going to be ANY annoying toys on Christmas morning. I had said when we first had Kaleb that I really didn’t want any noisy toys, but somehow, no matter how many times I stated this fact, our house is full of them. It’s noisy too. Getting back to basics. Simple. Imagination. Creativity. That’s what’s coming for Christmas.

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