Well we are in HI and for the most part, loving it. LOL. It’s hot and we are a bit off schedule. It will get better.

The plane ride was a little glimpse of what hell would look like. Lilli slept for one hour! That’s it. The flight was full so there were no seats open, and I spent more of the flight fighting with her. It was worth it once we got here and I got hugs from Ryan.

It’s hot. It’s sticky. It’s breath taking. See?

That’s the view from our room. We are on the 10th floor. The elevators are a pain in the ass and take forever most days. The only downside is that there is construction going on right across the street.

We haven’t really done too much yet, but Ryan has a 3 day weekend and we are hitting the town. Or at least the beach.

I saw two geckos yesterday and thought of Tanya and I wish that I had my camera with me. I’ll be hunting for some more, so I’m sure I can get a pic!

I forgot how many ABC stores there are around. They crack me up. My first night here I found the best thing in the entire world.

Hello Kitty+Mango= HEAVEN!

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What’s the deal!

I swear once I get something in the suitcase I find it dragged out about 2 minutes later. No joke. My head is killing me. I feel like I have gotten a lot done, but I look around and it seems all undone. I finished the Jam. It’s cooled, packaged and ready to ship off tomorrow. I got my sweater at Target today AND Valentines. I almost forgot about those. I also picked up some fruit snacks for the plane ride and some of those Gerber Puffs. Lilli ended up eating those in the store though. Sigh. At least she sat still in the basket. I still forgot to get deodorant though. I have no brain. Lilli ate my brain.

I’m sure this will all be worth in on Tuesday. I hope.

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How cool!

So I am already packing for Hawaii, and I am having to figure out how to pack for me and Lilli for a long time. Thank goodness that the condo has coin laundry machines! Any who, while I was at Target I noticed they had space saver bags for travel. Some one out there just said duh, I heard you! Well I had seen them on tv and thought it was a cool idea. Any way Tiana says she uses them when she packs, so I went ahead and bought a pack. OMG they are great. I put all the clothes I was taking for Lilli and rolled out the air. It only takes up half of my small suitcase! I can so fit more in there. I will be using them for my clothes as well. I pulled out all my skirts and bought a new pair of shorts. I have to find a few more tank tops, but I think that I am just going to go back to Walmart and buy more white ones and then dye them.

HAHA there is a space bag commercial on right now! True story. One question, why would you store them in the tub with bubbles?

Anyway I have my checklist for travel. I am getting excited!

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I got a chance yesterday to do a little Christmas shopping with my sister yesterday. We went to the Sper Mall and I found more stuff for ME than anyone else. Typical. WELL the highlight of the trip was that they opened a Steve and Barry’s there! I am in LOVE. Remember what Old Navy was like when they first opened? Low prices. Yup, that’s Steve and Barry’s. I got my FIL a great Jeep shirt from the kids for Christmas. I also got a t-shirt for my self from Sarah Jessica Parkers new line Bitten. It says “Have you hugged a rain drop today?” SUPER cute, and I love that her sizing is true to size. I would have gotten a few more of her shirts, but they were out of my size. SO sad.

Ryan hopefully won’t be working this weekend, and we will go again. If not, I will go back with my sister. They have a GREAT Santa, and I would love to get the kid’s pictures done.

I have also been approved for my Payperpost account, so you will notice some advertising going on! I love that I will be able to make a little extra “fun” cash for myself. Most likely to be spent on the kids. So I hope you don’t mind seeing those now and again.

I have been crafting again, but I can’t get pictures, since my camera cord went MIA. Ryan said he thought he put it on the counter, but we have looked high and low for it. I’m sure one of the kids is playing hide and seek with it.

Well off to “work” a bit.

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