WOOHOO! Just a tad bit excited. Over what you may ask? WELL, it seems that I will be able to get my camera before Ryan gets back home. I am SO excited. Being without a camera sucks. Funny how dependent on something you can get. So pretty coon, I will be able to to picture tutorials for you guys as well. So that is all for the super quick update, and I am off to watch the WCW auction going on. Wish me luck!

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Cloth Diaper information

I know, I know! I was supposed to have this up a couple of days ago. Better late than never!

First off, a few articles about cloth diapers versus disposables:



An interesting article that breaks up the cost of using cloth vs. sposies:

All about washing your cloth diapers.

Now this can be a HUGE debate across the board. Once you find your wash routine, I bet you will argue it’s the best as well. Here’s mine:

Cold prewash with a squirt of Bac out(I’ll get to that later).
HOT wash, cold rinse with detergent(I use Sun or Biokleen), baking soda, and a squirt of Dawn(original not Ultra)
Cold rinse with Grapefruit seed extract and a drop or two of Orange essential oil for a yummy smell.

Also when I get diapers used I will put about a tablespoon of beach in the wash. If you are going to do this, fill the washer with all the water, add detergent and bleach. Let it agitate a minute before adding the diapers.

About once a month I will strip my diapers with RLR. A miracle to cloth diapers. IT can be found in some grocery stores, but I have only been able to find it online. It breaks up all the detergent build up that can cause the diapers to stink.

Here are a few articles on washing diapers that may be useful.





Detergents can be another touchy subject. Some mom’s SWEAR by Tide, other can’t use it due too rashes. Other go for a more pricey approach with Charlies or Allen, but they can also cause rashes in some children. I can use Biokleen with no problems, while some moms say that they get stinky diapers from them. If your water is hard or soft can also determine detergent use. This site tests all their detergents.


Terms key:

RLR: https://moiras.site5.com/~zannaduc/shop/customer/product.php?productid=16397&cat=252&page=1

Bac Out:
I get this at Fred Meyers in the natural section. The link just shows what the bottle looks like! I don;t just use this for diapers. I use it for cleaning around the house as well. Smells like limes!

Biokleen detergent:
I bought this because it was on sale. I had been wanting to try it out ever since I smelled it. It got out a stain that was SO super set in on a bamboo flat, so I am forever in love. Made by the same company as Bac Out. Smells like grapefruits.

Grapefruit seed extract:
It is used as an antibacterial. You can also use Tea Tree oil, but I am allergic. This is what I use. About 20 drops in a full load. I also can find this at Fred Meyer or Supper Supplements.

Essential oils:
I love the citrus ones. Whatever your preference is is great! I just add about 5 drops to the rinse. Smells yummy!

Fun Stuff!

Now we get to talk about your stash! I don’t know if there is truly a thing called stash nirvana, but hey, to each their own! I am always up for trying new things, but my stash is built up from very basic diapers. I can’t give you numbers, simply because I am too scared to count! But I’ll give you a run down of what I’ve got.

Prefolds. You can never have too many of these. I love them! Gerber, Indian, or Chinese. I love them all.

Flats. This was the first diaper that I fell in love with. I use the origami fold, and sometimes will fold a preemie sized prefold in it as a doubler. I have Little Lions, and they are YUMMY. I also have some that are bamboo, that we use for night time.

Pockets. We use Fuzzi Bunz. I love them, they are great for travel, and wash easy. They are also Ryan’s diaper of choice.

Fitteds. Now I used to be all over the board on these, but have narrowed them down to my favorites. I make Rita Rumps one size pocket fitteds, that I LOVE. We also use Swaddlebees fitteds and pocket fitteds. I’m a snob and only use the velour kind. Terry is NOT my friend.

Covers. We use Thirsties, proraps, fleece and Wool. Thirsties will last a long time in the medium weight range. I love the colors that Thirsties come in. I also like Prorap covers. They just come in white, but they really worked well for us. I make our fleece covers!

Wool. I put them under the covers category, which they are, BUT they really need their own catagory! I love wool. I love using it because it has antibacterial properties. I am also a wool snob. I am very picky. I make Longies, and will be making some shorts for summer. Brand wise I use Wild Child Woolies, Llamajamas, Ahmay and I have one Luxe. I am a Llamajama whore. Most all of them are hard to some by, and require stalking.

I also use cloth wipes. I had someone make them for me, and I need more! They are soft and yummy. I will also admit that I LOVE to buy wipe bits rather than make my own solution. Just one less step for me. I get unscented and add some essential oil to it as well as a drop of Grapefruit Seed Extract. That stuff comes in pretty handy.

Wool Washing and Lanolizing.

OK, so this is rounding up the last of the tutorials. Obviously you have to handle wool with a little more care. So no washer and dryer, unless you plan on using it on a doll. I found yummy wool wash and I add a little drop of lanolin to the wash. Swoosh it around before adding the wool, and the squoosh the wool around a bit. Then I let it soak for about 15-30 min depending on how dirty it is. A wool wash bar also comes in REALLY handy when it comes to dirt. SUPER stubborn stains I soak in Bac Out. Then when the wool is washed I squoosh the water out(NO wringing!) and throw it in the washer for a SPIN ONLY cycle. It gets SO much water out. Then I lay flat to dry on the dryer. It’s usually dry by morning. Since I add the little extra lanolin to the wash I use a spray lanolin when it’s dry. Here are a few how to’s though!



Ok folks, so that is all the information off the top of my head! If you have any questions please ask! Leave a comment or email me. I promise I will get back to any questions!

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On the go blogging!

That’s right I am in the car on the way to MIL and I’m blogging! We got the Sprint on the go card and it’s great. I don’t know if that is the right name or not. It’s just as fast as at home, and everything is loading great. It works every where I get cell phone service, so I can be online up until Hwy 38 in OR. That is the only place where I loose reception, and by that time I will probably be ready for a break.

This time around wasn’t too hard on me packing wise, though I did have trouble deciding how many diapers to take again. I was thinking about just taking my Fuzzi Bunz and washing every night, but decide on bringing some prefolds and covers as well. I did find in my packing that I am missing my baby pink Fuzzi Bunz. I wonder where it could be? I am getting excited to see the new style of Fuzzi Bunz. I am crossing my fingers that they add that hip snap.

Lilli helped me pack her bag and all she wanted to take was dresses. ALL her dresses. She would throw them in and scream when I went to take them out. So I packed them and tights and an outfit with pants. She put her Llamajamas in as well, but I snuck them out when she went to bed. I would really hate for something to happen to them. I seriously would die a little inside. The only wool item I took was her new skirty.

I realized about an hour back that I forgot my camera! I am SO upset. I hope MIL doesn’t mind me taking over her camera. Good thing I can download the pictures right on to the laptop.

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