It got HOT!

Too hot for me and I like the heat.  Trust me I did my fair share of complaining too.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if our AC hadn’t stopped working.  Of course we found out right before Rachel was coming down.  Poor thing, but we got lots of fans and Jill let us borrow her AC unit which helped a lot.  I didn’t get a picture when the temperature reached 105 on Wednesday, but this show how hot it did get in my house.

f378adaded18__1249287752000Crappy phone pic, but I think my phone was sweating too…

Rachel and I tried to stay cool, by driving around, but you eventually need to get out of the car.  Plus with two 3 year olds, it gets a bit interesting.  It has finally cooled off and I was able to sew her up some burp cloths and go through what she still needs.  She was also nice enough to trace and cut out diapers for me, with the promise of coming down some more to help out some.  It made me realize that I may need to hire a babysitter at least once a week so I can work uninterrupted.

I am also excited that I get to make a camera cake for a wedding this weekend!  Although it’s a model that I don’t have, but at least I am able to look up pictures and I had done the basic shape on the practice cake.

Off to finish up some sewing and then off to get my computer fixed up….

Also, this looks amazing and I can’t wait to see it!

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Rainbow preview!

Here is a quick preview of the rainbow cake for tomorrow!  Oy all the coloring…


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If I build it they will eat!

I am sitting here Googling away in hopes that I can figure out how to build Chris’ rainbow cake.  I had a few ideas, but they just aren’t computing well in my head.  Le sigh.  I may have to do a few practice cakes…maybe not since I have to figure out AND make a cake for Ryan the week after.  Hmm.  You know what’s lame?  They don’t make a rainbow shaped cake pan.  They DO however have horseshoe shaped pans.

Hello, SO not a rainbow!  Although people are flipping them upside down and using it as a rainbow.  It’s a good thing that I will have the whole month of February off until the birthday rush in March.  Oh boy….

I did end up browsing through their cake pans and found a few that I am in love with.  Example:

Fantastico!  I love building cakes for those I hold near and dear and I ALWAYS stress out about it before hand.  I stress out until I am making it, but you know what?  When I’m actually making it and putting it together, things just click.  So MAYBE, just maybe,  I need to stop over thinking.  Just maybe…

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Why, Hello Kitty!

I made the flowers for Lilli’s cake last night as well as finishing up her hair bows. I was having a really hard time finding flower cookie cutters small enough for what I was wanting. I headed to Michaels and was disappointed to find that the Wilton’s ones were really big. I found what I was looking for in the clay section though. Super random, but PERFECT! SO here is the process of fondant flowers.

Bah, is all I can say. I put the whole cake together this morning and while I’m not in LOVE with how it turned out I was pleased. I didn’t feel like covering the whole thing in fondant and smoothing butter cream is a pain in the ass. So you can really see where I got sloppy and tired.

I think next time I will save myself the frustration and just do the stupid fondant. Ah well, Lilli loves it!

Here’s the outfit I made. I LOVE how it turned out. She will be wearing a pink Fuzzi Bunz underneath.

I will definitely be getting a fabric stiffener for the ribbon next time around. The korkers are a pain being all floppy. A little bit of a learning curve with those. I will post an action shot a little later!

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