Seattle Green Festival!

I am SO excited that the Seattle Green Festival is coming back this year! It is running March 28-29th t the Washington State Convention and Trade Center.   I really enjoyed it last year and encourage everyone to check it out!  There are so many informative booths and the samples that I recieved last year were amazing!  The coupons alone were worth the $10 entry fee!  So if you are in the Seattle area I hope you can make it!

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Photo challenge!

Last night I just couldn’t fall asleep.  Such is the story of my life though, but I often have some great ideas at that time too.  I’ve noticed that I really haven’t picked up my camera lately, so I wanted to do a photo challenge of sorts.  If anyone else would like to join me, that would be great!  I am going to be doing the Alphabet in the month of March.  I know that the amount of letters and the days don’t equal each other, but some days you just don’t feel inspired.  I wanted to cut out just taking a picture to put something up.  So here are the rules!

Alphabet= the actual letter, an emotion that starts with that letter,  OR?? Be creative!

The pictures don’t have to be in alphabetical order, just make sure you have all the letters by the end of the month!

Any camera is welcome, not just “fancy” ones!

Challenge yourself

Don’t forget to add a small description of your photo.

Have fun!

I know that it’s already the second so I better get started!

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Check, check AND check!

What on earth am I up to now?!?


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It probably goes without saying that we had tons of fun!  We headed to downtown Gig Harbor to Trick or Treat there.  The kiddos got lots of candy and I was so thankful that the rain had stopped for the day.  Kaleb kept getting comment about what a great dinosaur he was and one lady gave him extra candy because she loved his costume.  I had a lot of fun telling everyone that I made it.  I still need to get a picture of my costume though.  It was too hectic and I am still squimish about letting other peopl touch my camera.  Lame, but whatever.  Later we headed out to a great subdivision for round two.  I didn’t take one picture.  My kiddos even changed costumes.  Here are some pictures!  The white stuff you see on the bottom of Kaleb’s tail is some plastic that I pinned on there to keep it from getting soaked and ruined.  It worked.  The cuffs of the legs are way worse.

There were these two dogs walking around dressed up as well.  I couldn’t get a good picture of his mate who was a female version of the tourist.  It was awesome!

I loved that this tree was still holding on to it’s color.

I have a few pictures that need a little editing.  I will try and get those done and up soon.  I used a new lens for the first time yesterday so many of the pictures are a little wonky.  I had also challenged myself and turned the auto focus off in the crowds.

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Around these parts.

Autumn that is.  The leaves on our street have started to change and fall.  The natives were grwoing restless and with three kiddos under 5 in the house we HAD to get out of the house.  The fog has burned off and the sun started to peak out a little.  So we went on a leaf hunt.  I took pictures and the kids got some fresh air.  Enjoy!

Lilli found some tiny pinecones or “babies” as she called them.  I think she might have been trying to say berries.  I’m not really sure.

See the pretty tree?  I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!

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Hey! There Was Sun!

Yesterday was so nice out here and a nice break from the grey that we have been having.  We slept in and then got ready to head to Alex’s soccer game.  Although I hate going ot them.  In my defense he ALWAYS gets hurt when I go.  Yesterday was no exception, as he got a nice kick to the HEAD.  Ugh, plus the fact that all you can do is sit there and hope that he gets up.  Lilli loves going to games and has been going the past couple of weeks with Tricia to everyone’s games  Kaleb has no intrest.  At all.  Oh well.  I did get some cute pictures!  I couldn’t figure out why I was getting some crappy shots and noticed that the camera was on full auto.  Duh.  I need to tweak with one of the photos a little bit, but I don’t feel like it at the moment 🙂

Auto focus.  Bleagh.

MUCH better 🙂



Harbor Power!

AND, I finally got the adapter to get the pictures off my phone!  Lame, but it’s true.  So I thought I’d share some of my fun 🙂

Well, if you say so!

and last, but ot least:

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Fish Bowl Baby!

Last night was so fun!  WET, but fun.  I hadn’t been to Fish Bowl since high school and Ryan has never been.  Duh.  When I say wet, I mean, it POURED.  Monsooned.  Torrential downpour.  Oy.  Tides won 0-33, but we left when the score was 0-27.  I was over the rain and was confident that the Tides would win.  Booyah!  Here are some pictures of the night.

ME!  On the way to the game.  I really need to get the hang of a point and shoot again.  I wasn’t about to let my baby get all wet.

Katie, talking to Richard, on the way to the game.  I tried to mess with the red eye, I swear!

Ryan, NOT cooperating.  Butt.

So I Kinneared(long story, but it has to do with Greg Kinnear, click the link) his ass.  HA!

OK, now do you believe that it was wet?  Crazy.

WET.  Wet.  Wet.  I was soaked, but still smiling!  Silly, Ryan!

SHOES!  Oh and wet pants 🙂

We found Chris!  We took about 4 pictures before settling on this one.  The camera was so wet and it was hard to keep your finger on the button.  He’s got Tide pride!

Ryan being cute.  I love his hair.  Awesome!

Here are the Tide boys.  Now not to knock them, but OUR Tide boys my Junior year were better.  Hotter.  Incidentally, I felt like a creeper taking pictures of them.  One of them had a blue mohawk.

Our cheerleaders, were actually good.  Cute as a button too.  I love their pink jerseys!

And PROOF that I wasn’t fibbing about the score:

Whomp, whomp, whomp Peninsula!  WE WIN, YOU LOSE!

Wow that was a lot of pictures!  🙂

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17 Questions

I seriously love doing these surveys and they are usually on Myspace.  So I pulled it over here for my readers who aren’t over there.  It’s a weird addiction.  Anyway Enjoy!

[01] Do you ever wonde​r what your ex is up to?
Not really, I get updates whether I want them or not.

[02] have u ever been given​ roses​?
Yes and I love getting them.  I’ve gotten over the fact that I don’t think anyone but myself will EVER get me the right color.

[03] What is your all-​​time favor​ite roman​ce movie​?
The Notebook.  Hands down.  Makes me cry every time I watch it.  The book made me cry worse in case you were wondering.

[04] Have you ever had a Long Dista​nce Relat​ionsh​ip?
Yup and it actually worked out.  SO there is hope.

[05] Do you belie​ve in this sayin​g;​​ What goes aroun​d comes​ aroun​d?
More so than ever.  KARMA.  Enough said.

[06] Do you want to get marri​ed?
I already am!

[07] How many kids do you want?
I would love 4, but I really don’t see that in my future.  Who knows.

[08] Last perso​n you hugge​d?
Ryan, this morning before he left for work.

[09] Last perso​n you held hands​ with?
Ryan.  We were watching football.  Or baseball.  So romantic, I know 🙂  Hey, this time of the year you take what you can get.  Anyone with a football fan will understand: “We interrupt this marriage to bring you, Football”

[10] Do you belie​ve in love at first​ sight​?
Lust, for sure.  The first second I saw Ryan at the train station, I thought “DAMN”.  Good thing I have self control or we could have been arrested 😉  True story.

[11] Would​​ you kiss the last perso​n you kisse​d again​?
Yup!  I plan on it when he gets home and then again later and again and…well you get the idea.

[12] At what age did you start​ likin​g boys/​​girl?
Yeah I was like 5.  No joke.  I used to bring this boy I like chocolate in Kindergarten.  I figured that out young.

[13] Do you still​ love your ex?
No madly like I used to(or thought I did), but I still love them as a person.  Most likely the person I remember.  Make sense?

[14] Do you know someo​ne who likes​ you?
Yes I do, thankyouverymuch.

[15] Do you like/​​love someo​ne?
Very much so.  I’ll throw down if I have to!  Seriously, want to go?

[16] Do they know you like/​​love them?

[17] would​ you kiss anyon​e on your top Myspace?
Yes and I get to daily.  Score for me!  All the rest of you are safe.  I don’t swing that way 😉

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Nom Nom Nom!

So last night I remembered that we still had the ice cream cylinder freezing away in the garage freezer.  I bought the thing in July sometime and had yet to use it.  Another Goodwill score, that was brand new in the box!  So while I was making spaghetti I started making the ice cream for dessert.

Step one:

Mix 2 eggs and 2/3 cup sugar with an electric mixer until cream colored.

Step 2:

Add 1 3/4 cups milk, 2 cups cream and 2 tsp. vanilla.  Mix well!

Step 3:

Pour mixture into frozen cylinder.  DON’T however knock off the seal and forget to put it back on and then put the cylinder in the holder like I did.  Sigh.

Step 4:

In my case fix seal, fish cylinder out and put lid on top.

Let sit for about 2-3 minutes then turn the handle.  Let sit and turn until it gets thicker!  Have “the one who doesn’t nap” try turning.

Step 5:

Check the consistency!

Step 6:

Forget that you are documenting the whole process and eat it all gone before you realize that you forgot to take a picture!  Oh well maybe next time 🙂

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Because Martha Stewart doesn’t get enough press…

I am a bag addict.  Mostly my reusable ones, and I am always on the look out for cute styles.  I bought some canvas today to make some larger totes!

Martha Stewart OF course came out with a cool idea.  How many thousand million t-shirts do you have around?  Those reusable bags can be spendy!  Try this!

You have to scroll a little to the middle, but it’s so quick and easy!  Off to make a few myself.  I’ll post pictures when I’m done!

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