Seattle Green Festival!

I am SO excited that the Seattle Green Festival is coming back this year! It is running March 28-29th t the Washington State Convention and Trade Center.   I really enjoyed it last year and encourage everyone to check it out!  There are so many informative booths and the samples that I recieved last year were amazing!  The coupons alone were worth the $10 entry fee!  So if you are in the Seattle area I hope you can make it!

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We HEART our Fuzzi Bunz!

True story!  They were one of the first diapers that I ever tried on Lilli.  They are the ones that I always go back to.  As of late, they are the only diaper that we use.  Luckily they are a great fit for us and save for a few older ones with shot elastic, I have never had a problem.  I don’t get crazy stink build up, like with fitteds.  I don’t have to worry about squirming while I pin.  She can’t take them off, well she probably can, but doesn’t.  Ryan likes them and will even stuff them!  Kaleb loves to pick out which color diaper for Lilli.  My one and only complaint is that they NEED to have a dark purple and a hip snap.  So please come out with new colors and I will show you exactly where to put the hip snap 🙂  Photo proof that we are a Fuzzi Bunz family:

Who needs toys, when you can have warm diapers straight from the dryer!

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Well I was going to…

I was going to join in the 10 on 10 this month, but it just wasn’t my month.  Maybe next month.  I got one picture before I had a set back!

That was breakfast before heading to the park.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find my keys ANYWHERE.  It dawned on me that they were still at my mom’s.  OY.  Well we headed to the park after I got the keys of course and I FULLY intended on taking a few pictures while I was there.  I got distracted by squishy Anabelle who was a wake and out of her wrap.  After the park we headed to the library to take a few books back, then raced back to my mom’s so that I could head out with my sister.

We went into Tacoma for an appraisal and after had time to kill while waiting to got o the next one.  We headed over to Joann Fabrics to find something to cover her new chairs with.  I found fold over elastic that is SUPER soft to make some undies for Lilli.  I also got the fabric stiffener for bows.  After that we headed to Marlene’s.  I was starving and HAD to get something there 🙂  Veggies and Rice with Tofu it was.  I also got a Mango smoothie.  While waiting for my food I headed over to the laundry isle so that I could get some Bac out.  My diapers have been ok, but I could tell that I really needed it.  I discovered a new laundry detergent there that smelled like fresh oranges.  YUM.  I didn’t know how it would fair with my diapers though.  I did find Country Save there so I grabbed a box to try out.  Then noticed that they had the liquid as well, but it was like $3 more.  LOL.  Meh if I like it I will try the liquid.  It was at Marlene’s that I noticed my phone was off.  Weird.  So if you tried to call and got my voice mail, that was why.

We then headed down to Olympia for our next appointment.  While we were driving I was telling my sister about these mounds that my step dad found in the newspaper.  I couldn’t remember the name or where exactly they were.  All of a sudden we passed a SIGN!  It was on the same road as our appointment!  Crazy.  SO we hit it up on the way back.

They are called the Mima Mounds and they are in Littlerock, WA. SO freaking cool!  Here a couple of my favorite pictures.  All my photos are clickable btw!


I had a semi non productive day. I got the kitchen sorta cleaned and then my ankle started bugging me so I sat down. I was kinda bummed about it. “I can’t do ANYTHING sitting down” I thought. So I hopped on and came across some tutes! WOOT! I picked one that I thought would pass the time until my ankle would feel better to finish up. I picked this one.

I have to say I heart tutes, lol. Especially ones with LOTS of pictures. So I went over to fabric cupboard and found some remnants that I had no clue what I was going to do with them. Lilli said the were pretty so I decided that they would be her skirt. Surprisingly there was just enough! I thought about taking some pictures of me sewing, but that would have required me to get my camera, and as we all know I sat down to get off my ankle:)

This is the end result, I still have to cut some loose threads.

AND a close up!

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LOL, so yesterday I was playing with the kiddos in the backyard at my mom’s house. I fell in a hole. Bah, totally twisted/sprained my ankle. The kids thought it was really funny watching me crawl into the office. Ryan had to come and get me, since I walked over there, and there was no way I would make it home. I wrapped it and it feels a little better today, but I didn’t get to go to Forza for Coffee and Carriers. Totally bummed. Oh well, next week!

Still haven’t found my NE lip balm either. Boo. Ryan said that he’s going to clean out the car when he gets home, so hopefully it just fell out of my purse in there.

As soon as my ankle feels better I will be heading out and getting the stuff to make some laundry detergent. I found a great recipe to make liquid detergent. For some reason I think that it works better! Who knows. I am waiting for my big order from Crunchy Clean to get here. I really LOVE her diaper detergent. It got everything really clean ad smelled super fresh. Weather permitting(and ankle) We are going to get the stuff for our laundry lines. We decided to have it in the back on the side. Ryan watched the sun for me. LOL. Plus the kids can be in the back while I am hanging up laundry and whatnot.

Ok well I am going to hobble to the shower and typing without these letters are really getting to me.

I just HEART John Cusack.

I really do.  Apart from being one of my favorite actors, he just seems like a genuinely down to earth person.  While checking out one of my many “morning coffee” blogs, I came across his new diary and movie project.  It’s called War Inc. which is going to be released on May 23rd.  You can read his diary here.

There is a link to his Myspace which gives you more information on the new movie.

There is also a link to $3 Trillion Shopping Spree.  Have a try for yourself.  What would you spend it on?  I plan on giving it a try later today and I’ll let you know what I come up with.

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Because Martha Stewart doesn’t get enough press…

I am a bag addict.  Mostly my reusable ones, and I am always on the look out for cute styles.  I bought some canvas today to make some larger totes!

Martha Stewart OF course came out with a cool idea.  How many thousand million t-shirts do you have around?  Those reusable bags can be spendy!  Try this!

You have to scroll a little to the middle, but it’s so quick and easy!  Off to make a few myself.  I’ll post pictures when I’m done!

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Wow, just wow!

Yesterday was a SUPER fun day!  My sister and got up so early to drive to Bellevue for the kids sale.  We weren’t as early as we have liked, but next year we will first in line.  We have been planning on going since the sale in October last year.  SO this year was great.  It as the nicest day of the year, so standing in line was really nice.

The sale itself was just as fun and hectic as last year.  I missed out on a whole bunch of toys and furniture ’cause I ran straight for the trainers and shoes first.  I found the BEST trainers that I will never ever be able to get my hands on again.  They are from Japan.  I also found a whole bunch of Hello Kitty for Lilli’s room.  I had so much stuff when we were checking out and I was worried that I would go over my budget, since I really hadn’t totaled anything in line.  I didn’t thankfully and had a lot left over to have fun with at the Green Festival.

After the sale we headed over to the Green Festival.  We were both STARVING and headed right over to the food area.  I tried the vegan sausage, which was yummy.  I was still hungry and got a veggie burrito.  We sat down next to the funniest guy who had some really great ideas and he will be having a revised book of his coming out this summer some time!  So I was now stuffed and very happy.  We headed over to the booths and started sampling teas and chocolate.  That was kind of hard since I had just stuffed my face.

I was super excited to see three booths of cloth diapers and of course headed right over.  I encountered the rudest/stupidest girl at the BG booth.  I haven’t really decided what she was yet.  She got right in my face and asked if I had heard of clot diapers.  Haha.  I told her yup, we already cd!  Instead of saying great or yay, she was like” oh”.  Literally, “oh”.  Sorry that you couldn’t convert me, sheesh.  So then she goes, “WELL these are the BEST diapers EVER”(exact emphasis btw).  I smiled and said “I think they would be the best if they had snaps instead of aplix”.  She smirked and said, “well that’s pretty much never going to happen”  Ok then.  I told her I really didn’t appreciate how she was treating me and turned and walked over to the Fuzzi Bunz booth.  I happily bought 3!  The new style is weird and I took pictures of sizing if anyone was wondering.  I spent a little time telling the lady the observations that I had with them.  I then headed over to the booth that was being run by my local cloth diaper shop.  Nothing too interesting over there.  Textile prefolds.  Yuck.

My sister and I walked around for another 3 hours, got TONS of samples and were pretty much exhausted.  We made it through the whole place and ran back through to get a few more of the bigger sized samples and buy some fair trade coffee and tea.  i found some shoes that I am going to get and a few clothing companies that I want to check out as well.

I will try and update with some pictures a little later.

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