Happy 4th of July!

Lilli refuses to wear pants or shorts anymore, so I HAD to make her a 4th of July dress!  I got this fabric on super clearance at Walmart, before they closed down their fabric department.  Ugh, that still makes me mad by the way.  Any who!  Here’s what I came up with!  Have I mentioned that I LOVE the snaps for her dresses?  Makes life so much easier.

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Cookie Coma

Yesterday was a whirlwind of stores. I had it in my head that I need to get EVERYTHING that I needed for Christmas bought. I did. I am done shopping!  Now I just need to work on making/finishing everything. This year I am making the majority(about 80%) of my gifts. It was a huge sigh of relief. My family had planned on drawing names, but surprisingly(read, not so much) it fell through. I also consolidated my gift giving list, which I encourage people to do!

I had planned (did you hear the air quotes?) on opening an Etsy shop in November, but you know, life happened. I am still planning on it and hopefully by January I will have something to show. Although, since I am planning a trip to Louisiana in February, it may be more like March… Most of the gifts that I am making will be in my shop! Well not THE actual gifts, but you know…

I want to post pictures of my projects SO bad, but since the recipients read my blog, I can’t! I will leave you with a picture of miss Lilli in a cookie coma instead. I don’t know what is up with her sleep eating lately. I shot this with a borrowed 50mm lens. I like it, but I think I am going to get the 80mm after all 🙂


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Happy 4th of July Everyone!

I was browsing Craftster the other night for some inspiration on Lilli’s cake, when I stumbled upon this post. Freaking awesome, no? SO when I was asked to bring an easy dessert today I jumped at the chance to try this out. Of course rainbow cupcakes weren’t fitting BUT red, white and blue are!

The first batch, I put too much batter in the cups and they overflowed. Oh well, they tasted great! Meanwhile I had my little “helpers” serenading me. They are such weirdos. I adore them!

Happy 2nd Birthday Lilli! Oh and though not too many care, I made Kaleb’s shirt. It was the first time that I ever put sleeves on something!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th!

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