Cloudy Days

We have had a few cloudy/cold days this past week and it has just drained me of my energy for some reason!  So yesterday, I decided to paint my toes an obnoxious shade of pink and take pictures.  As soon as they dried it started to drizzle, but I got my picture anyway!


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Alphabet Photo Challenge

A is for Advocacy.  I got these Breastfeeding stickers at the Green Festival last year and it’s a subject that is near and dear to my heart.

B is for Bokeh.  Shaped Bokeh is like crack!  I have yet to try out different shapes.

C is for Cherry Cake.  This is my mom’s specialty.  It is Black Forrest German Chocolate cake.  It’s a staple at birthday parties in our family.  This one was from Oma’s 96th(early) birthday.

D is for Disaster.  Oh man, this had it’s own blog.  Kaleb cut Lilli’s hair.

E is for Eyes.  I love my eyes!  It’s really hard to take a picture of myself using my camera, but then again I freakisly long arms.  Lol.

F is for Five.  Happy 5th birthday Kaleb!  He actually had two parties this year and this was from yesterday with my family.

G is for Gentleman. I don’t how it started, but Kaleb loves dressing in suits.  Reminds me of Alex P. Keaton.  He got a briefcase this year too.

H is for Hello Kitty.  This is the charm I have on my cell phone!  I love her 🙂

I is for Indigo.  The kids were coloring and look what caught my eye.

J is for Jelly Bellies.  I saw this ad in a magazine and it’s so neat!  The jelly beans are embossed.

K is for Kaleb and Kylie.  This is what happens when you tell Kaleb to smile….also looks can be deceiving…

L is for Lime.  These were some of the flowers that were left over from Mom 2’s cake!

M is for Mmmmm.  My Mom 3 brought these for me from a chocolate company in Seattle.  I love that they are organic and fair trade.  The flavor choices look kinda weird though, but how freaking cool is the wrapping!

N is for Nap.  He rarely naps anymore, but the poor kid was fighting a fever for days!

O is for Oma.  This is my Oma!  She turned 96 this year.

P is for Precious.  My Lilli, being precious for a split second before she ran off screaming at the top of her lungs like a banshee.

Q is for Quiet.  This is my Quiet Corner in my room.  I scored the chair and ottoman for free on Craigslist!  I bought the pillow at Ikea and it’s not in the picture, but I got a very cute round table for tea.

R is for Ryan.  Ryan being calm and compliant.  I normally get the goofiest pictures when I turn the camera on him.

S is for Sweet.  Lilli was crying about something and Kaleb reached over and held her hand.  Sometime they are so sweet to each other…sometimes…

T is for Toes.  I love taking pictures of my feet.  I am weird, but there are other out there like me.  Just visit Gypsy Feet!

U is for U.  Duh!  Pretty self explanatory, it’s funny though since we only have a handful of these letters on the fridge.  This one was on the side all by it’s lonesome.

V is for Volcano.  This is the volcano cake that my mother in law and I made for Kaleb’s party down there.  He specifically requested it and I think it came out geat!  That is dry ice on the top.

W is for Welcome.  Welcome to the family Karma.  She is a really great dog and a wonderful addition to our family.  The kids love her!

X is for X.  This was a pretty difficult letter for me.  I had no clue what I was going to do and I laughed when I noticed that there were x’s all around my fireplace!

Y is for Yellow.  This is all the yellow fabric that I have fro projects.  The lemon fabric will be either a skirt or a sundress, I’m not sure yet.

Z is for Ziplock.  I NEVER have these in my house.  We made the transistion to wrap mats and reusable baggies, but I had to buy some for Kaleb’s pre school class.

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The photo challenge is about to come to an end for the month of March!  I have to get a whole bunch off my camera, but BOTH of my camera cords are missing and I can’t find my card reader anywhere in the house.  It’s really frustrating, but Jerry is nice enough to let me borrow his.  I think I will just make a slide show of all my letters.  I have to take one tomorrow for Z.  This one has stummped me the whole month.

I’m also looking for a new photo challenge so if anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them!  I hope those that joined in on mine had a lot of fun doing it!

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W is for:

W is for Welcome!  To celebrate Kaleb’s 5th birthday we rescued a puppy.  We have always promised him that when he turned 5 he could have a puppy.  Be careful what you promise your kids!  She is very sweet and great with the kids!  Welcome to the family Karma!

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P is for:

P is for: Pixie, Pretend and Play.  Both of the kids are really into dress up.  The poofier and girlier the dress, the more Lilli wants it on.  I caught her in a moment of sweetness.  Shortly after I took this picture she was off and running and keeping up with Kaleb, who was dressed as a Fireman.


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S is for:

S is for: Sweet, Sympathy, Siblings and Support.  Lilli was sad and Kaleb reached over and held her hand.


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D is for:

D is for: Disaster, Devastating, Demon, Depressing, Deviant.  Le sigh.  Kaleb got ahold of a pair of scissors and went to town on Lilli’s hair.  Aren’t they supposed to cut their own hair?


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L is for:

L is for Lime!  This is my first photo for my March photo challenge.  These flowers were left over from making Mom 2’s birthday cake.  I just love this color!


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Photo challenge!

Last night I just couldn’t fall asleep.  Such is the story of my life though, but I often have some great ideas at that time too.  I’ve noticed that I really haven’t picked up my camera lately, so I wanted to do a photo challenge of sorts.  If anyone else would like to join me, that would be great!  I am going to be doing the Alphabet in the month of March.  I know that the amount of letters and the days don’t equal each other, but some days you just don’t feel inspired.  I wanted to cut out just taking a picture to put something up.  So here are the rules!

Alphabet= the actual letter, an emotion that starts with that letter,  OR?? Be creative!

The pictures don’t have to be in alphabetical order, just make sure you have all the letters by the end of the month!

Any camera is welcome, not just “fancy” ones!

Challenge yourself

Don’t forget to add a small description of your photo.

Have fun!

I know that it’s already the second so I better get started!

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2008 can suck my elbow!

Goodbye 2008 and good riddance!  I think I am happier than most to see it go.  Presumptuous?  Maybe, but right now RIGHT at this very second, I believe it.  This year has been the worst in all my 26 years.  While I have grown from everything, which is always good, I could use a pass please.  Just a small one?  So here is a rundown of my year.  Ready?

This year:

I had my heart broken four times and I cried my face off.  I don’t cry.  I walked around in a daze for an entire month.  I went to Hawaii and buried my toes in the sand.  I bought my camera to make me feel better.  I will never forget the feeling of taking that first picture.  What started out as something to make me feel better is turning out to be a passion. Kaleb turned 4 and went up the Space Needle for the first time.  The look on his face was priceless.  I confess that I did not make his cake.  My mom did it.  Two keys on my laptop broke off and weren’t able to be fixed.  The monitor is also about to fall off.  No bueno.  I thought about getting a Mac. I’m still thinking about it.  Lilli turned two.  I made her entire birthday outfit.  She fell in love with Hello Kitty.  I made her cake and it was awesome!  I said I’m sorry.  I got back together with Katie.  We are learning to use our words.  We’re Still Here.  I saw the Mima Mounds.  I learned who my true friends were.  I built  the pinkest cake in the entire world.  My hands were pink for days.  I met a new friend.  I was accused of cheating.  They were WRONG.  I got my nails done.  I tried to dye my hair purple.  It didn’t work.  I did, however, dye the tub, shower curtain and Katie’s hands.  I dislocated my left toe.  It turned purple.  Then green.  Then yellow.  I bought new shoes!  I turned 26 and watched my mom make the cake wrong.  She’s been making that same cake for over 30 years.  There is no excuse.  I got Fiestaware!  I didn’t drink coffee for 8 days!  It was a challenge, but I did it.  I had a panic attack that impressed a nurse.  My blood pressure was 140 it’s normally 97.  They gave me Valium.  It did nothing.  I smoked a cigarette instead.  It helped.  I leaned and was leaned on.  I made midnight runs to Shari’s.  Ryan and I had our 6th wedding anniversary.  We went to Seattle.  I made the skirt I wore.  It was so comfy.  I wished on a star.  It didn’t come true.  I lost 10 pounds.  I played Karaoke Revolution.    I told someone a secret.  I was shocked.  It felt right.  It still does.  Then I got scared.  It comes and goes.  I raced a BMW on I-5, I won.  They got stuck behind another car.  HA!  I let the music move me.  I realized that I missed the person I was.  I’m finally starting to feel like me again.  If you have a problem with it, oh, I DON’T CARE.  I decided to be happy.  Smile.  I found an old friend.  I missed you.  You were right, we were great together.  I got a new phone.  I text messaged non stop.  I got some that made me smile.  I miss those.  I stopped talking to someone just because YOU asked.  You lied to me.  I wore hot pink eye liner.  I dressed up as a fairy for Halloween.  Kind of.  I forgot to take a picture.  I made a Smurf Cake.  Happy Smurfday Joe!  SPRINKLES!  I read the Twilight books in 4 days.  I saw the movie twice.  I snuggled with puppyface.  Spider monkey….  I made plans for a secret trip to Kentucky.  Except EVERYONE knew and Katie was coming with me.   I’m going to Louisiana instead.  By myself.  It’s going to be a blast!  I car danced.  I spent the night at Katie’s and went to sleep when the sun came up.  We ate pancakes and bacon a few hours later.  I wore my sunglasses at night.

Ok maybe it wasn’t all bad.  I learned.  Loved.  Lived.  I was honest.  In the end?  In the end, I got Coach.

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