Happy Father’sDayAnniversay!

Ryan and I saw RENT last night.  IT was amazing.  After I thought I had missed the tickets going on sale, I was super upset, to say the least.  Jesi to the rescue though and she REALLY pulled through!  It was hard to tell where were sitting just from the tickets, because there were SO many numbers and letters going on.  One thing I did know was that we were on the floor and that’s all I really cared about.  We ended up being in the 10th row right smack in the middle!  After we got settled in I got super nervous.  Mainly because Ryan is SO not a theater person and secondly if he didn’t like it/got bored that he might try and talk to me through it.  He was right in the middle on commenting on how little seats were(and they are) when Anthony Rapp walked out.  Then after the first bars of music I saw Ryan’s eyes go really wide and I knew I didn’t have to worry and I let myself get lost in the play.  When Katie and I saw RENT back in 2007 we had the worst seats EVER, but it was still amazing.  From where we were sitting you could almost pretend the cast was original.  Almost, cause the guy playing Roger?  Well he was British.

I fell in LOVE with the guy who played Angel, he did an awesome job and Ryan’s jaw hit the floor when he realized that some dude just jumped off a table in like 4 inch heels.  Angel is my favorite character and even though I knew what was going to happen I bawled later on.  Such is life and lady next to me was nice enough to hand me a tissue.  She asked me afterwards if this was the first time I had seen the play.

I have this thing about just crushing on supporting cast members.  The last time it was the guy who played the waiter.  He was awesome!  This time it was the tiny little Asian girl that played Alexi Darling, the guy who played Gordon, the waiter/window washer for his simple Feliz Navidad and one of the people sitting at the table during La Vie Bohem who stood up and said EW.

There were parts that I was dying to hear such as Anthony say “Mark, MARK, I’m Mark!”  and Adam sing “Who do you think you are/barging in on me and my guitar” lol

As we were leaving and, I had a brief moment of wanting to sit outside the stage door like a stalker, Ryan said that this was teh best Father’s Day present.  I told him it was actually our Anniversary gift, but THAT is a whole other story!

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Why I love Stumble Upon!

Aside from the obvious reason(the one where it’s totally addicting) is that for some reason a stumble will always lead me to something even better.  For instance.  I just hit my stumble button and it took me to Craftster.  Which I love and am a member off, but off to the side something caught my attention.  It was a little flashing banner for RENT.  I looked closer and it read: Celebrate the end of an Era!  Filmed live on Broadway!!!  I love RENT so I click on the banner.  The site starts playing No day but Today.  Awesome.  I scroll down to see how much this dvd is and something catches my eye AGAIN. In very small print it read:

Don’t miss RENT: The Broadway Tour, featuring original Broadway cast members
ADAM PASCAL and ANTHONY RAPP coming to a city near you!

The cast also includes final Broadway cast members Gwen Stewart, Justin Johnston, Michael McElroy, and Telly Leung, who can
also be seen in the RENT: FILMED LIVED ON BROADWAY DVD. For tickets and more information, visit www.siteforrent.com.

HOLY FLIP!  So I call Katie,  obviously, and leave her a message which was something like:  “OMG…Stumble…RENT with Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal…OMG call me back…June..K call me!”

Oh I’m so excited.  I could pee.  Except I won’t  AHH!

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