Careless Whisper

Yesterday I was running from the time I got up, until I crashed at 1 am.  It was not in vain though.  Before I left the house I, made dinner, baked a cake, answered email etc, then took a load of stuff to the Goodwill, sold a big box of books to Half Price Books, bought Kaleb some shorts, picked up a yummy German dinner, picked up my mom and took her home, went to the bank, bought fruit for fruit salad, came back and made a fruit salad, cut up stuff for German potato salad, came HOME made Ryan dinner(he is NOT a fan of German weiswurst and pretzel rolls), went back over to my mom’s, Hugged my Uncle, mixed the potato salad, gave my Oma dinner and medicines and finally plopped in the closet chair and sat down.  There were several other things, but that is the main jist.  I’m just happy everyone is home and where they should be!

OH and while I was running around I heard this song:

I heard the opening cords and was like HEY I know this song.  Fantastic!  Does this make anyone else happy?  It should!

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All the colors of the rainbow!


Sometimes I have to wonder where on earth my thoughts come from.  Last night I was just lying in bed when all of a sudden I blurted out “You know, this year, I want to get a pair of Converse in EVERY color of the rainbow”  I actually stopped and thought, now where on earth did that COME from!  Ryan just chuckled and said ok and added that I would probably need to get a pink pair as well so it was really every color of the rainbow plus a few.  So there you have it, a somewhat USELESS goal for the year!  If anyone wants to help out they are more than welcome 🙂

Holy Flip I am so random!

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2008 can suck my elbow!

Goodbye 2008 and good riddance!  I think I am happier than most to see it go.  Presumptuous?  Maybe, but right now RIGHT at this very second, I believe it.  This year has been the worst in all my 26 years.  While I have grown from everything, which is always good, I could use a pass please.  Just a small one?  So here is a rundown of my year.  Ready?

This year:

I had my heart broken four times and I cried my face off.  I don’t cry.  I walked around in a daze for an entire month.  I went to Hawaii and buried my toes in the sand.  I bought my camera to make me feel better.  I will never forget the feeling of taking that first picture.  What started out as something to make me feel better is turning out to be a passion. Kaleb turned 4 and went up the Space Needle for the first time.  The look on his face was priceless.  I confess that I did not make his cake.  My mom did it.  Two keys on my laptop broke off and weren’t able to be fixed.  The monitor is also about to fall off.  No bueno.  I thought about getting a Mac. I’m still thinking about it.  Lilli turned two.  I made her entire birthday outfit.  She fell in love with Hello Kitty.  I made her cake and it was awesome!  I said I’m sorry.  I got back together with Katie.  We are learning to use our words.  We’re Still Here.  I saw the Mima Mounds.  I learned who my true friends were.  I built  the pinkest cake in the entire world.  My hands were pink for days.  I met a new friend.  I was accused of cheating.  They were WRONG.  I got my nails done.  I tried to dye my hair purple.  It didn’t work.  I did, however, dye the tub, shower curtain and Katie’s hands.  I dislocated my left toe.  It turned purple.  Then green.  Then yellow.  I bought new shoes!  I turned 26 and watched my mom make the cake wrong.  She’s been making that same cake for over 30 years.  There is no excuse.  I got Fiestaware!  I didn’t drink coffee for 8 days!  It was a challenge, but I did it.  I had a panic attack that impressed a nurse.  My blood pressure was 140 it’s normally 97.  They gave me Valium.  It did nothing.  I smoked a cigarette instead.  It helped.  I leaned and was leaned on.  I made midnight runs to Shari’s.  Ryan and I had our 6th wedding anniversary.  We went to Seattle.  I made the skirt I wore.  It was so comfy.  I wished on a star.  It didn’t come true.  I lost 10 pounds.  I played Karaoke Revolution.    I told someone a secret.  I was shocked.  It felt right.  It still does.  Then I got scared.  It comes and goes.  I raced a BMW on I-5, I won.  They got stuck behind another car.  HA!  I let the music move me.  I realized that I missed the person I was.  I’m finally starting to feel like me again.  If you have a problem with it, oh, I DON’T CARE.  I decided to be happy.  Smile.  I found an old friend.  I missed you.  You were right, we were great together.  I got a new phone.  I text messaged non stop.  I got some that made me smile.  I miss those.  I stopped talking to someone just because YOU asked.  You lied to me.  I wore hot pink eye liner.  I dressed up as a fairy for Halloween.  Kind of.  I forgot to take a picture.  I made a Smurf Cake.  Happy Smurfday Joe!  SPRINKLES!  I read the Twilight books in 4 days.  I saw the movie twice.  I snuggled with puppyface.  Spider monkey….  I made plans for a secret trip to Kentucky.  Except EVERYONE knew and Katie was coming with me.   I’m going to Louisiana instead.  By myself.  It’s going to be a blast!  I car danced.  I spent the night at Katie’s and went to sleep when the sun came up.  We ate pancakes and bacon a few hours later.  I wore my sunglasses at night.

Ok maybe it wasn’t all bad.  I learned.  Loved.  Lived.  I was honest.  In the end?  In the end, I got Coach.

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Cookie Coma

Yesterday was a whirlwind of stores. I had it in my head that I need to get EVERYTHING that I needed for Christmas bought. I did. I am done shopping!  Now I just need to work on making/finishing everything. This year I am making the majority(about 80%) of my gifts. It was a huge sigh of relief. My family had planned on drawing names, but surprisingly(read, not so much) it fell through. I also consolidated my gift giving list, which I encourage people to do!

I had planned (did you hear the air quotes?) on opening an Etsy shop in November, but you know, life happened. I am still planning on it and hopefully by January I will have something to show. Although, since I am planning a trip to Louisiana in February, it may be more like March… Most of the gifts that I am making will be in my shop! Well not THE actual gifts, but you know…

I want to post pictures of my projects SO bad, but since the recipients read my blog, I can’t! I will leave you with a picture of miss Lilli in a cookie coma instead. I don’t know what is up with her sleep eating lately. I shot this with a borrowed 50mm lens. I like it, but I think I am going to get the 80mm after all 🙂


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With One Eye Open.

That’s how I am writing this blog.  I feel like a truck ran over me and then backed up to see what it hit.  Such is life.  Ryan switched crews for a couple of days and was waking up at 4:30 am.  Anyone who knows me, knows that it takes me a long time to fall asleep.  So these last few days have been hard for sleep.  Yesterday I had to get up earlier than normal for the kids sale in Bellevue.  I look forward to this sale every 6 months and I already have the flier hanging up on the front door for the next one in April.  Ryan just laughs, but if he would see the lines each time, he would know that I am not the only crazy one!  We actually got there in record time and were the closest in line than we have ever been.  We were the second batch of people to head in.  I love the rush!  I got a whole bunch of cute things for Lilli as well as a Christmas present for both of the kids.  Sarah went with us and I love the fact that she is on board with me when I say that not all Christmas present need to be brand new.  Last year was the first year that we took all the toys out of their boxes and set them up for the kids.  We still wrapped a few, but it was so much fun watching them run to the tree and jump right in to play.  So it got me thinking, do they even know they are brand new?  Or is it just the excitement that it’s new to them?  All my money is on the second one.  While I still get them new things, I don’t pull out my hair with HAVING to get them brand new things.

Last night when we got back, I headed over to Target for some me time.  I got a really cute note pad in the dollar section as well as a Halloween banner for the hearth.  I went there to look for a sweater or something for myself, but I didn’t find anything that I just had to have.  Oh well, I haven’t been to the Goodwill in a while and I feel like I need to hunt for just the right thing I suppose.  Or maybe I am in need of some Ebay therapy 🙂

I’m not really sure where this post was going, but I think I need to end it before I REALLY start rambling.  We are off to see Alex play soccer, so I’m sure there will some picture opportunities!

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Dancing in the rain:)

Yesterday was a great day.  Ryan and I had a kid free night and day.  It was awesome!  Now I love my kiddos dearly, but it was so nice to not change a diaper, get a juice box, trip over toys, break up a fight or bribe anyone.

We got to hang out and be reminded of us for once.  We got up late, ate breakfast at noon and then headed over to the store because I need a new headlight.  While I was there I found the BEST thing EVER!  Now anyone who knew me in high school can remember 2 things about me.  Well probably more things, but these are the thing that stand out.  I have LONG hair and I ALWAYS had Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker on me 🙂 They brought back the HUGE tubes again!  I literally squealed and grabbed the last package.  Ryan looked at me like I was a nutso until he saw what it was.  Apparently I was still using it when we first started dating and even while we were married.  I think I only stopped because I got pregnant with Kaleb.  I of course will get a picture later!

Then we headed home and Ryan fixed my headlight.  I tried watching for a little bit, but got bored by the time he was undoing the 5th bolt to take the battery off.  It takes 6 bolts to hold that bad boy on my car btw.  Light got fixed though!  I had lost interest and went inside to finish my Sex and the City movie.  It was good and I feel like I got a little more closure than when it ended.

After that we chilled at home and Ryan watched Mortal Combat, which I made fun of, because really it is a silly movie:)

We got hungry again because of all non child activities 😉 and I needed foil so we headed out to the store.  We ended up buying some apple pie and of course you need ice cream!  Then miracles of miracles happened.  4 years ago when we lived in Nantucket, Edy’s ice cream came out with a seasonal flavor.  Apple Pie ice cream.  They NEVER brought it back, because we have seriously looked, EVERY year.  They brought it back!  We both jumped and ended up buying 3 of them.  Ryan went to grab another one, but  I was laughing so hard I was almost crying and people were clearing out of the aisle.  I’m pretty sure they all though we were high or something, but WE GOT APPLE PIE ICE CREAM!  It was SO good btw and I wanted to get pictures, but maybe next time.  NOM, NOM, NOM!

Tonight I am getting my hair cut and then tomorrow, Ryan and I are going out on a date.  Dinner and a movie.  He won’t tell me where we are going to go eat though!  I’m excited 🙂

I promise I’ll get pictures of the Lip Smacker 🙂

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A Little Bit Of This and That

Poor little Lilli got a summer something or the other.  We were out and about yesterday running errands and she seemed just fine.  We stopped at the Goodwill and when I got her out of her car seat she felt a little bit hot.  I wasn’t concerned, because she was riding in the sun and it was hot out yesterday.  I figured she was just sweaty.  The kids were so great in the store and they let me look at all the books.  I got a few as well as a yellow chair for Kaleb’s desk, an UBER hippy skirt for me, a Christmas dress for Lilli, two pairs of jammies for Kaleb and a pair of jeans for him as well.

After that we headed over to my sister’s to grab a few things.  When I got Lilli out of the car she still seemed warm and was coughing a little bit.  Hmm.  Kaleb was hungry so I set the kids up on his new bed over there and made something to eat.  My sister came in and said that Lilli’s eyes seemed to be watering.  Sigh.  So i went in there and felt her head and sure enough it was a fever.  We got out the thermometer and I was shocked to see it climb up to 102.3!  She was still acting fine though and I wasn’t going to giver her anything yet.  I gave her some juice and we headed home.  I set her up on our bed and put a few things away.  I checked her temp again and it was 103.  Crap.  I gave her something and she didn’t put up a fight.  She nursed and fell asleep only to wake up about 20 minutes later.  Needless to say it was a rough night and she still isn’t feeling well.  She still has a bit of a fever, but not as bad as last night, so hopefully it will break.

A few weeks ago Kaleb went to camp.  He liked it, but he asked that I not leave him anymore.  Poor guy.  He was very proud of the thing that he made and we have this HUGE paper haging in our house.

He looks so cute with his Wiggles backpack!

We have actually decided hot to send him to pre school and home school instead.  If he asks to got to school, then we will go from there.  He just really doesn’t seem to be ready to go out on his own.  Lilli will be a different story though!  She was more than happy to march in and make herself at home there!

Well little miss needs some snuggles!

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I gots new shoes!  I think they are pretty much the most fantastic things I have ever seen.  They are made out of a satiny fabric and, um yeah, those are flamingos!

Oh did I mention that I found them at Goodwill with the tags still attached?  Yeah 3.99 baby!

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Well I was going to…

I was going to join in the 10 on 10 this month, but it just wasn’t my month.  Maybe next month.  I got one picture before I had a set back!

That was breakfast before heading to the park.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find my keys ANYWHERE.  It dawned on me that they were still at my mom’s.  OY.  Well we headed to the park after I got the keys of course and I FULLY intended on taking a few pictures while I was there.  I got distracted by squishy Anabelle who was a wake and out of her wrap.  After the park we headed to the library to take a few books back, then raced back to my mom’s so that I could head out with my sister.

We went into Tacoma for an appraisal and after had time to kill while waiting to got o the next one.  We headed over to Joann Fabrics to find something to cover her new chairs with.  I found fold over elastic that is SUPER soft to make some undies for Lilli.  I also got the fabric stiffener for bows.  After that we headed to Marlene’s.  I was starving and HAD to get something there 🙂  Veggies and Rice with Tofu it was.  I also got a Mango smoothie.  While waiting for my food I headed over to the laundry isle so that I could get some Bac out.  My diapers have been ok, but I could tell that I really needed it.  I discovered a new laundry detergent there that smelled like fresh oranges.  YUM.  I didn’t know how it would fair with my diapers though.  I did find Country Save there so I grabbed a box to try out.  Then noticed that they had the liquid as well, but it was like $3 more.  LOL.  Meh if I like it I will try the liquid.  It was at Marlene’s that I noticed my phone was off.  Weird.  So if you tried to call and got my voice mail, that was why.

We then headed down to Olympia for our next appointment.  While we were driving I was telling my sister about these mounds that my step dad found in the newspaper.  I couldn’t remember the name or where exactly they were.  All of a sudden we passed a SIGN!  It was on the same road as our appointment!  Crazy.  SO we hit it up on the way back.

They are called the Mima Mounds and they are in Littlerock, WA. SO freaking cool!  Here a couple of my favorite pictures.  All my photos are clickable btw!

I can’t wait ’till Friday!

Ryan is FINALLY coming home!  I was supposed to fly out there on Tuesday, but they changed his dates again.  Oh well.  He’s coming home for good!

I have been busy all this week getting the house in order, which included going through all the kid’s clothes.  I donated 3 bags of clothes and shoes, and have another on filling up.  My sister and I are going to have a garage sale this summer, so I have some bags filling up for that as well.  I am glad that I have the spare bedroom back to store it all in.  I am FINALLY tackling the closet in my room.  My goal for this summer is to get some proper shelving in there.  Very doable.  I feel an Ikea trip coming on!  Maybe from the proceeds of the garage sale!

We are also thinking of switching Lilli over to her big girl bed.  It was my old bed and I am excited that I get to pass it down to her.  She has picked out Hello Kitty for her room.  I have to say I did not sway her in any way, shape or form.  It’s probably just because she sees her in her everyday life.  That is my doing though!  I’ll claim that.  I found her a bed canopy, big pillow, and bedspread.  While Ryan’s mom was here she bought her a Hello Kitty bank.

This last week Lilli lost interest in the potty.  That’s ok, I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet.  She has also asked for a pink potty and Ryan wants me to find a Hello Kitty potty.  I have not been able to find one, but they do have a super sweet pink one that I am going to embellish with some stickers or maybe use the paint pens to draw one on the lid and sides.  Wow a picture just popped into my head.  I’ll def post pictures with whatever I come up with!

Kaleb has turned into a MAJOR performer.  More so than he was before.  My mom had gotten him a train table for his birthday last year and he now uses that as his stage.  I think I am going to build a little plat form in the play room for him and put some curtains up and whatnot.  I have got to try and get some video of his little shows.  He is great.  Triple threat man!

Well my coffee is almost gone and I still need to pick up some things around here!

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