Something is going to change.  I can’t put my finger on it, but I can feel it.  It’s in the air and I can sense it like there is someone behind me.  I hope it’s welcome, whatever it is.  I feel antsy, it’s the weather.  It makes me want to move or pack up everything in the car and drive.  It most likey has something to do with the fact that since getting married we haven’t been in one place for more than 2 years and it’s about that time.  I dunnno.

I am getting ready for my non-kid week and have all sorts of projects lined up.  I am implementing a NO material buying rule for myself.  I have SO much and I really just need to work with what I’ve got.  These projects include: a few newborn sets, a diaper bag, skirts, tops, dresses and diapers of course!  I hope to also build a light box since I really need to learn how to take better product pictures.  I get too impatient by the time I finish up something that I don’t really care what the pictures look like.  Here are a few things that I have finished up!

A dozen Rita Rumps one size.  I LOVE how these go together!

A teeny tiny preemie hat.  It’s SO sweet, it’s hard to tell how small it really is, but I took this picture for Katie who work with the serger thread in the picture.

Preemie sized pants.  I’m always curious about what patterns consider to be preemie sized.  These are more a newborn size in my opinion, but not too difficult to shave down the size.  Still working on the cuffs, since I don’t like how the directions on the pattern says to put them on.

Tiny diapers for a super sweet mama, who made it ALL the way to her due date when she found out that she was expecting TWINS!  She is at the moment STILL waiting to have them, bless her heart.  Those two diapers gave me so much trouble too.  I sewed the size tag on upside down, FORGOT the tag on the other and would just not lay nice for pictures.

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