I’m on a roll!

Sorta…I got a teasing email about my last post and the fact is that, YES I do listen to country music.  I find myself listening to it more when I am wanting warm weather.  I don’t know why, but I do.  I also listen to Jason Mraz in the summer as well.  What of it?  LOL.  It’s a well know fact that I should be in LA or GA or the like 😉

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song!

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It happens!

Life that is.  Every time I sit down to update, I get side tracked.  My latest project was a custom order and I love how they turned out.  There are 3 Larges and 3 Mediums.  I’m not even going to apologize for the crappy picture.  I seriously need help with taking product pictures….whine, whine, whine….

Then the night that I finished the last of the soakers I started on a dress for Lilli.  I ended up staying up late.  Very late!  I was a chatting with Katie, getting to know her, and sewing.  I finished at 1 am of Mother’s Day and she got to wear it to church.

I love the look of the dress, but I HATE working with those type of collars, so I am going to try a different neckline with her next dress.  Lilli picked out the fabric AND the dress pattern.

I am enjoying my new machine too.  It takes a lot of the guess work out of the machine, my one complaint is that I can sew when the foot is up.  It’s ok though.  I am still keeping my old machine as a back up and for the kids to work on if they show an interest.

Hopefully it won’t be so long in between posts, but my next project is all newborn stuff.  Including a layette set, diaper bag and a few diapers as well.  I have yet ANOTHER pattern that I am trying out.

Oh and just because I love this song, lol.  I love listening to it in the car

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Careless Whisper

Yesterday I was running from the time I got up, until I crashed at 1 am.  It was not in vain though.  Before I left the house I, made dinner, baked a cake, answered email etc, then took a load of stuff to the Goodwill, sold a big box of books to Half Price Books, bought Kaleb some shorts, picked up a yummy German dinner, picked up my mom and took her home, went to the bank, bought fruit for fruit salad, came back and made a fruit salad, cut up stuff for German potato salad, came HOME made Ryan dinner(he is NOT a fan of German weiswurst and pretzel rolls), went back over to my mom’s, Hugged my Uncle, mixed the potato salad, gave my Oma dinner and medicines and finally plopped in the closet chair and sat down.  There were several other things, but that is the main jist.  I’m just happy everyone is home and where they should be!

OH and while I was running around I heard this song:

I heard the opening cords and was like HEY I know this song.  Fantastic!  Does this make anyone else happy?  It should!

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La, la, la, la!

Every time I hear this song it makes me want to dance.  I heard it on the way back home tonight and I was so happy to get a red light so I could car dance my heart out.  Oh and I did.  The person next to me laughed and shook his head, but you know he was jealous.  Also I am aggravated that it is so hard to find good videos on Youtube anymore.  I’m just saying.  I love jumping around my kitchen singing “Going crazy since the moment I met you!”  I dunno…that’s how I roll 🙂

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I car danced to Ace of Base today.

Just in case anyone was wondering.  I also made a skirt.  I think I am going to take out the zipper that I put in and replace it with an invisible one.  I’m not really feeling this one.  I’ll get action shots after I do that, but here it is.  I think my floor enjoys wearing it.


Fantastico!  I had a different fabric in my hand, but then this one caught my eye.  It’s pretty much love.

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My soul is evaporating…

Sigh.  I don’t even know what you want me to say…and just for the record.  You are THREE hours ahead of me.

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TAKE! These broken WINGS!

Oy!  That song has been stuck in my head for days now.  It really doesn’t help that once I am not thinking about it some one will start singing it.  Take this morning for instance.  I had yet to really think about music this morning.  I log onto Facebook and BAM.  SOMEONE posted a the video.  Thanks for that.  From the bottom of my ass.

Last night was so silly.  I got a text from Sasa asking if I wanted to go to work with her.  Thinking she was being silly, I replied Always, or something like that.  She was serious.  I guess so was I.  So we drove into her office and I kept her company while she finished up some paper work.  We ended up being there for 3 hours or so, but it really didn’t feel that long.  I played around on my computer and then dug around in her new bag.  Which by the way, I’m sure I could sit in.  It’s huge.  I found a book.  A fantastic book.  A book that I wish I didn’t have to put back in the bag when we were leaving.

After she was all done and I was full of these delightful cinnamon gummy heart things, we went on the search for SODA.  Then?  Then we listened to music.  Fantastic music that took us back to different times in our lives.  Mest and Good Charlotte, oh baby!  It will forever remind me of road trips and Nantucket.  By the time we got to my house we didn’t want to get out of the car.  It’s the spell of the music and neither of us wanted to break the spell.  Shari’s RUN!  More music and enough decaf, that probably translated into a decent amount of caffeine, we headed back home.  It was a good night my friends.

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I went and got my nails done tonight.  I had been trying to decide what color to get, so I decided to ask the men in my life.  They all said red.  I’m not really a red kind of gal, but I decided to go ahead.  As I was walking up to the salon I saw the color through the window.  It’s name was Smitten.  Yes I was.  Yes I am.

And just because, I have this song stick in my head:

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February Song.

I would love to see him live on day…

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The Way I Feel

I am in LOVE with this song right now.  I get in the car, turn my iPod on and sing on the top of my lungs.  It always puts me in a great new mood!  Makes me smile.  Makes me feel right.

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