Happy 4th of July!

Lilli refuses to wear pants or shorts anymore, so I HAD to make her a 4th of July dress!  I got this fabric on super clearance at Walmart, before they closed down their fabric department.  Ugh, that still makes me mad by the way.  Any who!  Here’s what I came up with!  Have I mentioned that I LOVE the snaps for her dresses?  Makes life so much easier.

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I’m licensed!

I am an approved LICENSED Fattycakes Seamstress!  This was one diaper that I had just LOVED as soon as I discovered them.  I loved that they were wahm made and I finally caved and bought the pattern and fell in love.  I soon discovered the owner lived right by me!  I finally submitted my pictures yesterday and got approved!  Here are the pictures!

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Creative chaos

When I craft I am messy.  Today Katie was coming over to test out my new machine, to see if she wanted to buy one similar or not.  I don’t know what possessed me, but I took all the fabric out of the china hutch and decided to refold and organize the entire thing.  Yeah.  I have a LOT of fabric and notions.  Here is a picture of some of the progress though!  Not too bad, I still have to work  on it some more.


That’s just my diaper making stuff.  I put all my fleece on the bottom and I have a few yards of things to give away on Freecycle or maybe take it to the Goodwill.  Hopefully I will be sharing pictures of my fancy new craft room soon!

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It happens!

Life that is.  Every time I sit down to update, I get side tracked.  My latest project was a custom order and I love how they turned out.  There are 3 Larges and 3 Mediums.  I’m not even going to apologize for the crappy picture.  I seriously need help with taking product pictures….whine, whine, whine….

Then the night that I finished the last of the soakers I started on a dress for Lilli.  I ended up staying up late.  Very late!  I was a chatting with Katie, getting to know her, and sewing.  I finished at 1 am of Mother’s Day and she got to wear it to church.

I love the look of the dress, but I HATE working with those type of collars, so I am going to try a different neckline with her next dress.  Lilli picked out the fabric AND the dress pattern.

I am enjoying my new machine too.  It takes a lot of the guess work out of the machine, my one complaint is that I can sew when the foot is up.  It’s ok though.  I am still keeping my old machine as a back up and for the kids to work on if they show an interest.

Hopefully it won’t be so long in between posts, but my next project is all newborn stuff.  Including a layette set, diaper bag and a few diapers as well.  I have yet ANOTHER pattern that I am trying out.

Oh and just because I love this song, lol.  I love listening to it in the car

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Tweet, Tweet!

No, I’m not talking about Twitter lol.  This is Sissy’s new diaper and so far, this has been my favorite diaper that I have made!  I love the pattern on the fabric.  I love this pattern.  I love the kiddo I made it for!  My one regret is that I don’t have an raspberry colored snaps!



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Sunny Sunday!

Today was so beautiful out!  It was warm and perfect and I was out of allergy medicine.  We took Karma to Petco to get her nails trimmed and I sneezed the whole way there and the whole way back.  When we got home I figured I would just take some, only to discover I was out!  Since we had just come from the store, I really didn’t want to waste the gas to go back.  I needed to finish up a diaper anyway and I REALLY need to finish my dress for Easter.  Instead, I did two diapers.  No dress.





These are Trimsies and I LOVE this pattern!  I may do a few more practice ones and become a licensee for these.  They are really nice.  Plus they sew up quick.  I really love how the second one came out 🙂

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I car danced to Ace of Base today.

Just in case anyone was wondering.  I also made a skirt.  I think I am going to take out the zipper that I put in and replace it with an invisible one.  I’m not really feeling this one.  I’ll get action shots after I do that, but here it is.  I think my floor enjoys wearing it.


Fantastico!  I had a different fabric in my hand, but then this one caught my eye.  It’s pretty much love.

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Yesterday was an unusual day.  I don’t think I have even wrapped my mind around it yet.  I was woken up much earlier than I can handle.  Hit with something and was unable to fall back asleep, so I gave up and just got up.  Figured I would sit at the computer, drink some coffee and chill a little.  Or you know, not…although that left me with a little more completion.  I ended up just needing to get out of the house.  I needed to take some books back to the library and since Katie hasn’t been able to get a card yet, I figured she would like to browse with me.  It took me a lot longer to find books than it usually does.  I would pick something up, read a word and set it down.  I don’t really know what I was looking for, and I found myself getting really frustrated.  I ended up getting two books though.  Although I couldn’t tell you what they are about…We had also stopped at Target where I found some bamboo sheets on clearance.  They were marked down from 99 to 24!  When I got home I had flowers waiting for me, from a friend.  They are really pretty.  Thank you.  I fell asleep a little restless and woke up feeling a bit jittery.  I’m going to sew something today and get some of this energy out.  This will require a run to the fabric store though since I have no zippers.  It’s ok, Katie called to inform me that patterns were on sale.  I have a date next Sunday at the fabric store, but when I’m looking for patterns I need to be able to sit and look over things in peace.  When I get home I’m going to lock myself in the craft room and sew until I have something to show.  I need to save up for a dress form.  I wonder if I can get someone to wrap me in tape to help me make one…

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Check, check AND check!

What on earth am I up to now?!?


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2008 can suck my elbow!

Goodbye 2008 and good riddance!  I think I am happier than most to see it go.  Presumptuous?  Maybe, but right now RIGHT at this very second, I believe it.  This year has been the worst in all my 26 years.  While I have grown from everything, which is always good, I could use a pass please.  Just a small one?  So here is a rundown of my year.  Ready?

This year:

I had my heart broken four times and I cried my face off.  I don’t cry.  I walked around in a daze for an entire month.  I went to Hawaii and buried my toes in the sand.  I bought my camera to make me feel better.  I will never forget the feeling of taking that first picture.  What started out as something to make me feel better is turning out to be a passion. Kaleb turned 4 and went up the Space Needle for the first time.  The look on his face was priceless.  I confess that I did not make his cake.  My mom did it.  Two keys on my laptop broke off and weren’t able to be fixed.  The monitor is also about to fall off.  No bueno.  I thought about getting a Mac. I’m still thinking about it.  Lilli turned two.  I made her entire birthday outfit.  She fell in love with Hello Kitty.  I made her cake and it was awesome!  I said I’m sorry.  I got back together with Katie.  We are learning to use our words.  We’re Still Here.  I saw the Mima Mounds.  I learned who my true friends were.  I built  the pinkest cake in the entire world.  My hands were pink for days.  I met a new friend.  I was accused of cheating.  They were WRONG.  I got my nails done.  I tried to dye my hair purple.  It didn’t work.  I did, however, dye the tub, shower curtain and Katie’s hands.  I dislocated my left toe.  It turned purple.  Then green.  Then yellow.  I bought new shoes!  I turned 26 and watched my mom make the cake wrong.  She’s been making that same cake for over 30 years.  There is no excuse.  I got Fiestaware!  I didn’t drink coffee for 8 days!  It was a challenge, but I did it.  I had a panic attack that impressed a nurse.  My blood pressure was 140 it’s normally 97.  They gave me Valium.  It did nothing.  I smoked a cigarette instead.  It helped.  I leaned and was leaned on.  I made midnight runs to Shari’s.  Ryan and I had our 6th wedding anniversary.  We went to Seattle.  I made the skirt I wore.  It was so comfy.  I wished on a star.  It didn’t come true.  I lost 10 pounds.  I played Karaoke Revolution.    I told someone a secret.  I was shocked.  It felt right.  It still does.  Then I got scared.  It comes and goes.  I raced a BMW on I-5, I won.  They got stuck behind another car.  HA!  I let the music move me.  I realized that I missed the person I was.  I’m finally starting to feel like me again.  If you have a problem with it, oh, I DON’T CARE.  I decided to be happy.  Smile.  I found an old friend.  I missed you.  You were right, we were great together.  I got a new phone.  I text messaged non stop.  I got some that made me smile.  I miss those.  I stopped talking to someone just because YOU asked.  You lied to me.  I wore hot pink eye liner.  I dressed up as a fairy for Halloween.  Kind of.  I forgot to take a picture.  I made a Smurf Cake.  Happy Smurfday Joe!  SPRINKLES!  I read the Twilight books in 4 days.  I saw the movie twice.  I snuggled with puppyface.  Spider monkey….  I made plans for a secret trip to Kentucky.  Except EVERYONE knew and Katie was coming with me.   I’m going to Louisiana instead.  By myself.  It’s going to be a blast!  I car danced.  I spent the night at Katie’s and went to sleep when the sun came up.  We ate pancakes and bacon a few hours later.  I wore my sunglasses at night.

Ok maybe it wasn’t all bad.  I learned.  Loved.  Lived.  I was honest.  In the end?  In the end, I got Coach.

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